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Athens, Delphi, Meteora, Athens by public transportation

Hello, we are planning the above by public transportation in May. Spending 4 nights in Athens, 1 night in Delphi, 2 nights in Meteora and back to Athens for another couple of days. I've heard it's not easy. Please advise the best (easiest) option to do this.

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I'm doing Meteora too! But only for 1 day. I believe a train or car is the best option. Someone told me that a train from Athens to Meteora direct is 5 hrs and not expensive.

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Thanks so much Alan. Would it be advisable to book the bus ticket online through that website? And how far in advance?

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Regarding the train you get into the Metro (red line), get off at Larissa Station, which is the central train station of Greece. At the Train station, you can board the train to Kalampaka, which is the city below Meteora. Here is the official site of TrainOSE (Greek Train Company)

If you want to take the bus get off at Kato Patisssia station (green line) and either walk about 1km to the bus station. At the bus station, you should get a bus to Trikala, which is the big city near Kalampaka and Meteora. Once you get to Trikala you can catch a bus to Kalampaka. This is the KTEL site

You can always contact them for more info.

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Both Chat and key tours offer Delphi Meteora tours. It will be more expensive but might be a better option as you will have guides as well and hotel is included.

I am pleased to see the new bus route though in the past the Delphi Meteora route required several connections on the way and was very tough to do. Most advice said it was best to return to Athens and next day head to Meteora. At least now you don't have to change buses.

Here is what you can expect when you get there.
Olympia Delphi Meteora

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Alan, when I clicked on that link the schedule is not clear to me. Is it one bus with 3 stops or do we change buses at each of the 3 locations?

Also, rome2rio suggests the option of taking a taxi from Delphi to Lilaia and a train from there to Kalambaka. However, the train schedule does not show any trains for that day (May 30).

Does this option seem accurate or feasible?

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Sorry, I’m in Patras at the moment and so not checking the web regularly.

It looks to me like three buses, but the changes shouldn’t be a problem.

I don’t think you need to get tickets in advance. If you are in Delphi the day before you could pop into the bus station and get a ticket then.


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Rome 2rio suggests the option of taking a bus from Delphi to Levadia, which it says takes 1 hour and 5 minutes, and taking a train to Kalambaka from there. I checked the train website and it shows several trains throughout the day, including a direct train. However, when I checked the Ktel bus website Levadia is not a destination. Has anybody done this?