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Athens Day Trip to Temple of Poseidon

While in Athens the first week of August we want to schedule a day trip to the Temple of Poseidon and a few hours at a beach resort in the late afternoon and dinner. Is this something our hotel can help with? We have never traveled outside the US so it’s all new to me! Thanks!

Any suggestions on finding a tour guide?
Best beach club to swim and sit with lovely drinks.

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Just go online and rent a car. Pick up the car and drive to the temple. Look at the temple. Then drive to a beach which you would have found using google. You will pass several on the drive to the temple Then return the rental car.

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Emily is right. There are no tours that do what you want. And you don't need a tour guide -- its just a nice ruin, on top of a bluff. Most of the Poseidon bus tours are timed for the sunset ... and thus, when you want to enjoy the view there are TWELVE busloads of tourists swarming & blocking your view. If you do what Emilly says, wait until about 9 AM, then the rush hour will be over. There is a nice beach just below the temple heights... I don't know if it ihas a b each club. And I don't know if you'd want to be drinking, then drive back. did you consider researching via ROME2RIO??? This is the first-stop for basics about getting somewhere.

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Okay… that’s a very good thing to point out about tourist busses at sunset. I may rethink this idea. Thanks!