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Hello everybody!

My husband and I booked a trip to Athens and arrive on Oct. 23rd! This is what we want to do but don't know the best way to go about it! Whats best and fastest for a short week!!
Tues arrive 9 am - Athens
Wed: Athens
Thurs: Corinth/Meteora
Fri: Meteora to Santorini
Sat: Santorini
Sun: Santorini back to Athens
Monday: Flight takes off at 8am

Are we crazy or is this doable???

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Are we crazy or is this doable???

Given those two choices, I have to vote 'crazy'.

It probably would not violate the known laws of physics to reach all those destination in your time frame, but going to all those places in that time span does not fit my definition of vacation.

You need to make a choice of Santorini, OR the mainland ( Meteora, Corinth etc)

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Another vote for crazy.

Athens to Meteora via Corinth is around a six hour drive at best. Meteora to the airport is between four and five hours. Assuming an evening flight to Santorini you end up with a morning in the Meteora.

Obviously it’s a matter of individual preference but that seems a lot of travel for little return to me.


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Since you are arriving Athens by 9am you have lots of choices of flights to get you to Santorini immediately. Just catch a connecting flight you will need about two hours after arrival. You are gong to be jet lagged so getting to Santorini immediately is a better option than Athens for recovery. It seems you have about 3 nights planned for Santorini. Perhaps you might extend that for 4 nights.
There is lots to see.

Now fly back to Athens and do your three nights there. Stay in the central area in the Monastraki or Plaka areas. It will take you thee days to do a good job exploring Athens.

You always want to be in Athens the night before your return flight.

If Meteora is a must see, then when you fly back to Athens rent a car from the airport and drive to Meteora. As mentioned it will take you about 6 hours to get there so you will need to stay at least one night there two would probably be better. I recommend staying in the village of Kastraki which is snuggled right at the foot of the mountains. You certainly won't have time to visit Corinth.
That will give you one night in Athens.
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