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Athens combo ticket question

I've booked an Acropolis morning walking tour with Athens Walks and am purchasing our entrance tickets separately. I want to purchase the combo ticket since it will save us money getting into other locations (for example the Ancient Agora). Our walking tour is scheduled for our last day in Athens so I'll want the ticket earlier in order to visit those sites.

Athens Walks is telling me I should purchase the combo ticket at the first site we go to, for example the Ancient Agora, and just let them know what time we will be visiting the Acropolis (it must be 9-10 for the guided tour I've booked) and they will make all the arrangements. However in this situation I would be picking up the ticket Friday September 20 and our walking tour is scheduled for Sunday September 22. I'm worried that our required time frame will be booked up and unavailable if I try to schedule a time that close to our requirement.

Should I order our tickets and book the time online earlier instead? And if so, how far in advance are you able to book tickets online?

Thank you so much for your assistance!


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The Greek Minister of Culture announced last December the implementation of a new ticketing policy, including the discontinuation of the combo ticket from April 1, 2024.

  • (From April 1, 2024, the issuance of single-entry tickets for multiple archaeological sites or museums will cease.")

In any case it was impossible to visit the 7 sites included in this combo ticket in a single day.

The only important thing will be to synchronize your date and time slot booked for the Acropolis with your guided tour.
You can book a few weeks in advance, in my opinion 2 or 3 weeks in advance for a visit at the end of September is more than sufficient
As a reminder, the rule for visiting the Acropolis:

Please make sure to be at the entrance 30 minutes before your chosen time slot!
Entrance is available 15' before to 15' after the time of your choice!

Tickets can be purchased on the official website:

Another reminder: The “Skip the Line” argument mentioned in guided tours or third-party ticketing is fake.

See the Greek government's warning:

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I should have known you would have the answer JoLui!

The Athens combo ticket, however, is good for 5 days, not a single day, according to the ticketing site and other materials I've read:

It's odd that it doesn't mention the change in ticketing on here but maybe it's because they don't have tickets that far in advance at this point. I'll check the ticketing site closer to our departure date to confirm if the combo ticket is still an option or not. It sounds like booking the time online at least a couple of weeks in advance would be safer than booking 2 days prior since we have such a specific time needed.

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Yes, the combo is valid for 5 days, but I understood that you wanted to visit everything in one day (my mistake).

This is probably one of the reasons that led to its discontinuation of sale.
Too difficult to manage a ticket valid at any time for 5 days with the new rule of access by 1 hour slots

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FYI it is possible to visit all seven sites in one day. My wife and I did it last year and one of the sites was closed for maintenance. But, yes, the combo ticket is no more as of April 1. Honestly it’s good they raised prices.

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Thank you so much copperhead pdx (I'm also from pdx) and JoLui - with your link and advice I was able to get the combo tix! Rita

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Thanks so much for the update! If you purchased on 4/1 for 4/4 it sounds like I don't need to purchase that far in advance. Our trip is in September so we have plenty of time.

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This question (about visiting non-Acropolis sites on a day prior to visiting the Acropolis) has been asked in multiple posts. And the answer that I keep reading is: make sure the time slot you pick is the time slot you will visit the Acropolis. This does not fully answer the question.

If I will be in Athens on June 24 and June 25, and I buy a ticket for June 24, with a 5:00-6:00pm time slot, can I go to the Acropolis on the second day, June 25, at 5:00pm? I assume not (because they want to limit the number of people at the Acropolis at one time, so they need to know both date and time--it doesn't help site administrators much if someone can show up at 5:00pm on any of 5 different days).

But, if I buy a ticket for June 25, with a 5:00-6:00pm time slot, because that is the day and time I want to visit the Acropolis, will I be able to use that ticket to get into the Roman agora on June 24? I assume not (because my ticket date is June 25).

If each of these statements is correct, they you cannot use the combination ticket to get into a non-Acropolis site one or more days before you go to the Acropolis. Which is a bummer.

But, perhaps the second statement is untrue. Perhaps you can specify the date and time of your Acropolis visit, and then go to the Roman agora and use that ticket a day or a few days earlier. If my ticket says June 25, with a 5:00pm-6:00pm time slot, perhaps I can use it to get into the Roman Agora on June 24, which will then validate the ticket for the next 5 days, and then I can show up at 5:00pm on June 25 at the Acropolis. My hope is that this is true. I suppose I will buy a ticket with the date and time of my entrance to the Acropolis, and then try to use it the day before at the Roman agora, and if I cannot use it, I can just buy a separate individual admission ticket to the agora.

And, even if the Ministry is not accepting single tickets for multi-site entry (the Athena combo ticket), even though they are still being sold on the official site after April 1, I will at least have the Acropolis ticket with a reserved time.

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Just purchased our combo tickets for July trip to Athens online at the official website. 30Euros each. They must have reversed their decision on not selling the combo tickets. Got our timed entry to the Acropolis as well.

Thanks everyone for your insights and info. Keep on traveling...


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A follow up to Henry's question. Has anyone tried entering the other sites a day before the Acropolis timed entry? Does it work?

Because we want to do the same thing. We actually already have a timed entry to Acropolis (June 2 at 10 am), but want to visit the smaller less popular sites the day before (June 1st) because we must leave very soon after Acropolis and won't have enough time for the rest on the date shown on the ticket.

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The date and time you select when purchasing the combo ticket are those of the Acropolis & Slopes visit.
But you can use the combo ticket before or after the Acropolis visit

You can visit the sites in any order, the only rule being that the combo ticket is valid for 5 days from the first visit to any of the sites included in this ticket.

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I saw on the website if you are under 25 it is free to get the combo ticket. Is it true? I am not sure what is EU up to 25? Is it only for the EU resident?
I plan to get the combo ticket time slot in the am but i read on RS recommends that i should also make the Acropolis reservation the same time. Where do i go to reserve the Acropolis reservation? Thanks

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I am not sure what is EU up to 25? Is it only for the EU resident?

Yes the "EU up to 25" is the rate for citizens of the European Union.

Where do i go to reserve the Acropolis reservation?

Go to:

Select Acropolis & Slopes

Choose a date and time, then you will have two possible tickets:

GENERAL ADM. Access to: Acropolis & Slopes
is for the Acropolis only


GENERAL ADM Acropolis & Slopes, Ancient Agora, Hadrian's Library, Kerameikos, Aristotle's School [Lyceum], Olympieion, Roman Agora

is the combo ticket.

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Thank you JoLui. Whatever the time i choose for the combo ticket is the entry time for the Acropolis,right? I don't need to reserve the time for any other sites in the combo ticket. Am i corrected? thank you

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Correct, you can start using the combo by visiting a site other than the Acropolis, but the day and time you selected must be for visiting the Acropolis.
It is (so far) the only site which is overcrowded and whose access is regulated.

That being said, this time slots system is new, officially implemented since April, and the combo ticket was supposed to no longer be sold this year. So the rules can still change between today and the day when you will be in Athens.

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Last year when we went to the Acropolis there was a sign that said that the times for the times tickets doesn’t mean that one actually needs to enter at that exact time. It’s for their records or something. So if your ticket is for 2pm you don’t actually HAVE to visit at 2.

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jonrossjan, the rules have changed since last year.

For the Acropolis entrance is only possible during the choosen time slot.
Specifically, entrance is possible 15' before to 15' after this timeslot.