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Athens Combo ticket, entry lines

I am trying to buy the Athens combo ticket on line but it keeps taking me to a site that only sells the Acropolis and Slopes ticket.
Also, which entrance has the shortest lines to get in?

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To buy the Combo ticket, on the home page:

Click on “Acropolis & Slopes

On the right, select the date and click Continue.

Select the Time Slot and click Continue

Two choices are displayed:

SINGLE-USE for access only to the Acropolis and slopes

COMBINED for access to the Acropolis & Slopes + 6 other sites (list displayed by clicking on ? )

Click on the “Choose your Tickets” button corresponding to your choice and select the number of tickets

Please note that new rules have come into force since September: It is now theoretically mandatory to use your ticket at the entrance to the Acropolis (and only the Acropolis) at the time of your selected time slot +/- 15 minutes.

In my opinion there will be a tolerance at least at the beginning but that is only my opinion. It has no official value.

With the Combined ticket, for Non EU youth aged 6 to 25, it's not possible to buy reduced
This reduction is only possible with the Single Use ticket.
If you buy a discounted ticket you will receive a purchase confirmation number with which you must go to the ticket sales counter and present your passport to prove your age.

There are generally fewer people at the side entrance, the one located in the South East near the Acropolis Museum.

In the future, the establishment of designated fast lanes for organized tours and cruise passengers is planned. I don't know if these new access methods will change the length of the queues at the entrances.

Other details:

In the coming weeks entry will be free:

The last weekend of September (European Heritage day)

October 28 (Ochi Day)

Every first Sunday of the month from November to March

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The south entrance generally has shorter lines. Plus it allows you to see the Theater of Dionysus, Asclepion, etc on the walk up

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Last month I paid for, and got a reservation code, for the Acropolis and Slopes ticket for later this month. But I have not received any QR code or other kind of ticket per se. Has anyone else run into this problem?

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But I have not received any QR code or other kind of ticket

Did you check your Spam folder?

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JoLui, your suggestion to look in my spam folder was on the mark. Thanks for solving my problem!