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Athens Combo Ticket

Thank you for posting the steps for getting the Athens Combo e-ticket at the Hellenic Heritage website. Does anyone know if the day and time you pick starts your 5-day time limit to use the combo ticket? For example, if I choose Tuesday at 4 pm to visit the Acropolis, would I be able to visit another site on Monday, the day before my Acropolis appointment? I'd like to start my combo ticket time a day before visiting the Acropolis, but with having to choose a day and time to visit the Acropolis, it looks like my 5-day time begins with the Acropolis. Not sure this makes sense, but just wondering if anyone has had experience with this issue. Going to be in Athens starting September 20.

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The 5-day period begins on the day you first use your combined ticket, regardless of the site visited.

If your first use is on a Monday, this Monday will be the 1st day and your ticket will be valid until the following Friday

Also note that this is only one visit per site. you cannot visit a site twice, even if the second time is on a different day

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Thanks for the reply. I guess since we have to pick a time for the Acropolis, that will be our first day of the five-day period. I don't see any place on the website to select a five-day period, only a time for the Acropolis.

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Just bought the Athens Combo e-ticket and yes, the five days starts with the day we signed up to visit the Acropolis.

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The way Cathy describes it is the way the web site appears to work. But that limits your flexibility substantially. Since a timed entry appears to be only be required for the Acropolis, then everyone who wants to buy a combo ticket must visit the Acropolis on the first day. Or, skip the combo ticket and buy individual tickets at the sites you wish to visit. Not particularly flexible.

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Last month The Greek Culture Ministry announced that from April 1 2024 the combo ticket will no longer be available.

Visitor groups of 5 or more people will be able to visit the Acropolis outside normal operating hours in a two-hour period from 7am to 9am or between 8pm and 10pm. This option will include a special site tour and souvenirs

Winter/summer rates will be replaced by a single rate throughout the year

From November 1 to March 31 will be added one more “free entry Sunday” every month, This means that in addition to the first Sunday of every month, admission to Greece’s museums and sites is free also on the third Sunday of each month.

In 2025 a new ticketing policy will be implemented with an increase of ticket prices from April 1st based on visitation and site significance.

Here are the rules that will be applied:

Category A – cost of ticket: 30 euros, includes major sites such as the Acropolis in Athens
Category B – cost of ticket: 20 euros, includes archaeological sites and museums visited by more than 200,000 people
Category C – cost of ticket: 15 euros, includes archaeological sites and museums visited by 75,000 to 200,000 people
Category D – cost of ticket: 10 euros, includes archaeological sites and museums welcoming 15,000 to 75,000 people
Category E – cost of ticket: 5 euros, includes archaeological sites and museums visited by less than 15,000 people.