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Athens at Easter

My mother and I are staying in Athens for the Easter weekend, and we were wondering whether anyone knew of any festivities we might participate in around the city. Also, how quiet is the city during this time? We know all the sites will be closed on Sunday, but do buses and ferries run? For example, could we get to Hydra on Sunday? Will some restaurants in Athens still be open? We are also trying to decide between hotels versus Airbnb, I was thinking perhaps an Airbnb host might give us suggestions on what to do on Easter Sunday, but a hotel might have fellow travelers we could do things with. And lastly, in terms of hotels, has anyone stayed in the Hotel Acropolis? We were interested in it because of the location and old-world charm, but read something about cockroaches that was a little off-putting! Any reviews or advice regarding any of this would be appreciated!

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I was considering being in Athens that weekend, but I was able to change my plans. Easter is a huge family holiday, kind of like Thanksgiving for Americans. Easter Monday is also pretty quiet.

Here's a reply I got on tripadvisor: You should expect a ghost town with zero traffic.Best time to visit Athens as you will have it all to yourself since most locals will be away on holiday. On Monday all shops will be closed ,of course all the cafes and restaurants will be open.

RS uses the Acropolis Select Hotel for some of their tours.