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athens and a feery to where if i only 5 full days

flying to athens from boston on a friday so wont get in until late afternnon friday
mar 5 return mar mar 11

can i see acropolis and get to an island if so which one?

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You'll have time to visit Athens and maybe one nearby island. Athens will take two days to really see it all at a pace that won't be rushed. You can then go to the nearby island of Aegina for a two day stay and return on the fifth day to catch up on anything you missed in Athens. An alternative is to stay in Athens for 5 days, stroll around and see everything one wants to see in Athens and do a day trip to Aegina. Leave in the morning and spend the day there and return late afternoon in time for dinner and another stroll around Athens. Five days isn't really a lot especially if you want a couple days on a Greek Island.

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I agree that five days is tight. If you want to consider flying to an island, see Aegean/Olympic Airways.

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Aegina can be a wonderful day trip & an island experience. It's just a 30-minute Metro ride to the port of Piraeus and a 1 hour ferry ride. NOTE: Do NOT take a hydrofoil; these are enclosed, with spray-misted windows, no view. A "regular" ferry has sheltered open deck, and you can have a "mini-cruise" watching all the fascinating harbor traffic, then out farther the sailboats and fishing vessels, then the approach to a charming harbor.

SIDE NOTE: you call yourself youngartschool so forgive me, you may be a new traveler and unused to watching your valuables . Athens has VERY LITTLE pickpocketing compared to other big cities in Europe, its almost always confined to 2 metro lines -- the one from Airport to Syntagma Square (blue line) and the one from Central Athens to Pireaus (green line). That's because pickpockets target US tourists who are "mass transit virgins" and don't watch pockets/purses. Keep your stuff in a ZIPPED daybag worn crosswise. Or if in your Backpack, wear it IN FRONT for the ride. I've ridden these Metros maybe 80 times, no problem but then I spent years on the NY subway (and u may be a suburban mini-van child).

On Aegina, you can get a BUS to the mid-island Temple of Aphaia (breathtaking!!), and then find a downhill pathway (watch for handlettered signs on trees) to beach village of ?Ag Marina & catch bus back to main harbor. This great photo Album takes u step by step thru an Aegina day:

Listen friend, if you want best advice, you need to take a moment and tell us the relevant facts. DO you want to see Athens highlights? Or will you be doing that with a school group? Do you want us to recommend a hotel, or do you stay with a group. If you want to see Acropolis, of course you can --- and Rick Steves website has a D-I-Y audio tour that you can download FREE onto your smart-phone -- PLUS a ditto audio tour for Nat. Archeological Museum. As an art student of COURSE u need to see THAT (or are you going with a group??). NOTE: Why not (gulp! what an idea!) invest in a guide book??? YOu can get a Rick-Steves USED guide book on Amazon $7 + shipping. Pull out the sections u want, use duct tape to make a "spine" and voila! you have little "guide-ettes" to stuff in a pocket. You can use them even when your phone doesn't have a signal, they hve better maps than google on a teensy screeen, and you can highlight, mark them up, read together with friends (what a concept!!).