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Athens airport update

I mentioned in a previous post that when I went through Athens immigration at Christmas there was a single line for EU and non EU passengers. Having been back in March this has now changed and there are two separate lines. There seemed to be several booths for non EU so hopefully this won’t slow our American friends down too much.

There were also signs that they were putting in some automatic gates for people with chips in their passports. No idea when these will be ready.

In general there has been a lot of work done in the airport over the last year and I would say most of it has been an improvement.


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Thank you for the update Alan! It may help us advise people who have tight connections. And I hope that, having had your Greek getaway, you returned to a blooming garden, and Balmy British Breezes. It's still acting stupid in Philadelphia ... getting up barely to 56°F (13°C) today, but promising wet SNOW for Easter Monday. Pfooie.

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Thanks Janet. We actually returned to snow! Winter is taking a while to clear in Europe too.