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Athens Airport to Santorini

Looking for information on the Athens Airport We will be arriving, if all goes well, at 9:15 am and flying out to Santorini. We are trying to pick a time that allows us an adequate amount of time to make the connection but not so much time that we lose too much time from Santorini. Has anyone made the connection? Is the terminal for domestic flights more at a distance from the international flights. What is recommended in terms of connection time? Two to three hours?

Thanks so much for your input!

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If your arrival at ATH is your entry point into the Schengen Zone then I would not plan anything earlier than a 1 PM flight.

If coming from another Schengen country a noon flight is probably safe.

Depends on your tolerance for risk and how having to buy a 'walk up' air fare would affect you.

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July and august are very busy times, bu otherwise, 2 hours is perfectly adequate ... If you are flying out to Santoirni on Aegean or Olympic, it's all in the same building-- international one end, domestic on the other. By the time u get thru passport control (ther is NO customs line), your bags will be on the carousel, you can pick up some €€ at an ATM, and stroll to the domestic check-in. You'll have time for coffee.

JoeF may be speaking from his experiences in Italy or France, where capital cit y airports can be huge and sprawlling, Rome. Paris, (particularly the nightmare that is Chas DeGaulle) -- i don't see from his posting record that he's experienced Athens airport yet. I come in regularly on that 9:15 AA flight, and it's before the other 2 international flights (Delta & CA), so passport-control lines move quickly.

BTW, for future reference -- why why do people not say WHEN their trip will be, when time of year can make big difference... please remember for future, wherever you may be going. It helps forum contributors be more useful & not have to guess.

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Our experience is that 2 hours is plenty of time for a connecting flight. You will probably have time for a drink at a bar before you have to get to the departure lounge.
Athens airport is very efficient. The departure gates are one floor above arrivals so it takes no more than 5 minutes to change terminals.

If you are flying to Santorini on Aegean or Olympic ( same company) you can print your boarding pass 48 hours prior to flight time. So you don't even have to check in. Just go to the baggage drop off and then get through security and you are on your way to the departure gate.

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I had the same question....we are arriving September 10 around the same time. Also want to get on a flight to Santorini...ASAP.

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2 hours are perfect. Just have in mind that if you fly by rayian air the you should walk in the airport for 15mnm