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Athens airport to Kiato, Greece

My husband and I are flying into Athens from Krakow, Poland on Sept 22nd. We arrive about 14:55. We then want to get on a train to Kiato, which is in the Peloponnese area of Greece.
First of all, is the train station right there at the airport or would we have to go somewhere else to catch the train to Kiato?
Next, do I need to reserve seats for that specific train or can I just buy my tickets when I get there. I have read that there are many trains that go to Kiato per day. I was looking up train schedules, etc a few weeks ago and I thought it said that the train was 2 hrs 48 min. Then I just looked the schedules up again and they said that the train ride is only 1 hr 20 min. Can anyone confirm the time to go from Athens airport to Kiato? Thanks.

We are visiting friends in Xylokastro, but the train doesn't go there, so our friends will pick us up in Kiato. After Xylokastro, we need to get back on a train to Athens airport on Sept 26th. We have a flight to Santorini at 13:30. What time should we leave Kiato to fly out of Athens at 13:30?
Thanks for all of your help.


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The best possibility in public transport from the airport is that given by Darrenblois.

The Airport→Ano Liosia trip takes about 35 minutes and the Ano Liosia→Kiato trip takes about 1 hour.
To this must be added the connecting time in Ano Liosia station

These are regional trains, no need to book in advance.

To go to the airport train station which is the same as the metro station, you have to reach the footbridge which starts from the departure level (follow the signs "To Trains")

At the end of the footbridge you will find ticket sales counters.
There are two platforms at the station, the left one is for the metro, the right one for the trains. But don't worry everything is well signposted in Greek and English.

See this video.

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Thanks so much for that helpful information. I really liked the video.

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The suburban train you have to take is the one from 8:32 in the video