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Athens airport taxi cost


My family of 4 will be arriving in Athens in late May and will initially be staying in the Plaka. Our hotel offers a transfer service from airport for 55 euros for 4 people coming in early morning. They told me if I were to get a taxi from the airport, I’d have to get 2 taxis because one wouldn’t be able to hold all 4 of us as well as our luggage and that the price would be 50-55 euros per taxi. Is this accurate as I had a different impression from my RSteves book?

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The taxi transfer through the hotel is a very good price. Sign up! We paid 50euro in December 2022. The driver wanted more than he quoted, but that was all the euros we had and he wouldn’t take a credit card.

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I flew into Athens in July and my family of 4 took one taxi. We just had carry on bags but it worked.

However, that is a great price, I'd go with it.

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The taxi flat fare Airport ↔ Athens (Plaka) is €40 from 5 a.m. to midnight and €55 outside these hours.

These prices are displayed in front of the taxi queue.

If you intend to take one of these taxis, let the driver know that you know the price. Don't let yourself be fooled by arguments about paying baggage surcharges and tolls. The flat fare includes all costs

In theory you can fit 4 passengers in a taxi but your hotel is right, this could be problematic (and uncomfortable) with 4 big luggage.

The rate the hotel gives you is reasonable although a little more expensive than other pre-booked taxi services like Welcome Pickups.

That being said, at €55, I am not convinced that you will have a larger vehicle such a 7 passengers minivan than the non-pre-booked Sedan or Mercedes waiting at the airport.

You can come back to this forum and tell us what happened if you choose the "prebooked by hotel" option.

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Just a few weeks ago 4 of us took a taxi from the airport and we had no problems fitting our luggage in the trunk of the car. We had 4 checked bags plus various pieces of carry-on hand luggage. It all fit.