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Athens airport meeting place

I am meeting my daughter at the Athens airport tomorrow morning. She is arriving from Manchester at around 4 am , I arrive via Air Canada at 9:05. Can anyone suggest an easy meeting place? We are then taking the bus into the city to Central hotel. Any advice on that procedure ?
Thanks in advance!

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With a five hour wait, why doesn’t your daughter go into Athens to wait at your hotel? Or she can sit in the Sofitel lobby near the airport.

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My flight to Athens came in 1.5 hours before my husband and son’s. There are two terminals very close together at the airport. I just figured out which one they were coming in on from the signs and met them as they exited the secure area. We had cell phones as a back up but didn’t need them.

We took the bus into Athens and I found out where it picked people up from an information booth. You buy tickets at a booth right near the bus stop.

Your daughter will have more than enough time to figure this all out after she arrives. It really is pretty easy.


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ThanksBeth, that is kind of what we figured but it is always nice to have things confirmed. My daughter will certainly have lots of time to figure out the lay of the land. We decided to travel into Athens together even though the wait is long on her end. She leaves before me at the end of the trip so will have the wait then( not 4 hours though!) Departure in 7 hours.... woo hoo

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The bus ticket kiosk is outside Door 5 on the Arrivals Level. Meet her there. For her, until you arrive, I believe there are a couple of places to find food inside the Arrivals Terminal. There are more food vendors upstairs in the Departures Terminal.

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May be too late with this! Turn right as you come out of customs and walk to the far end of the building. Between exits 4 and 5 is the A-cafe. As Lee says you can then go,out through Exit 5 and turn right to the bus stop and ticket booth.

Have a great trip.


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Thanks all! Everything worked out great, my flight was even 30 minutes early. We spent the day checking out amazing, impressive Athens and will hit the Acropolis first thing tin the morning ,Joanne