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Athens Airport Logistics

I am trying to get my barrings of the Athens Airport.

Flying from the states to Athens non stop. I would like to get off the plane go through passport control, then to the Alpha Bank at the airport (3) and then find a bathroom. From there I need to find my prearranged ride and will have carry on only. Could someone give me rough estimate how best to do this?

Are there only bathrooms at the ends of the airport? Are arrivals on the lower level and departures above that?

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The link you provide only shows arrivals, I assume Departures, yes, is on another level, upper I believe, but that really does not apply to you in this case.

If you could not discern it, coming from the US directly, you will arrive in the "Extra Schengen" portion, or the Blue shaded area, this will take you through Exit "A" from the Secure Area, so Exits 1 or 2 would be closest for you. There appear to be 3 restrooms before you get to Immigration, and once out, another off to your left as you are exiting the secure area.

I am not sure where the ATM that you want is, but consider that the Athens Airport is tiny compared to Heathrow (London), Schipol Amsterdam), or Charles de Gaulle (Paris). You could walk from one end of the arrivals area to the other in a few minutes.

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As Paul says, Athens airport is pretty small and very easy to navigate. I don't remember there being more than one (ground) level.

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It’s difficult to answer this question as there’s quite a lot of redevelopment at the airport at the moment. I’ve been through four times in the last year and each time it has been different.

Having said that I don’t think you’ll have any major problem. As people have said it’s quite a small airport. In terms of a bathroom there are several before you clear customs and I would use one of these rather than wait until I was through.


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(Which US cities have nonstop flights to Athens?)

I know New York and Philadelphia have. There may be more but those two fly non-stop.

There are ATMs outside the arrivals area which you can withdraw money from. Make sure you say "Without Conversion" or you'll be charged an outrageous amount of money for the transaction.

Lots of bathrooms as you deplane so not a problem.

Once you leave the arrivals area there will be numerous taxi drivers and other pre-arranged drivers holding cards with the names of the rider so you should be able to find your driver.

Normally it will take about 1 one to deplane, go through customs and wait for your luggage

Athens Airport is relatively small and very effiencent. It's a joy compared to Charles de Gaul in Paris or Heathrow in London.

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Justin - go to the wiki page for the Athens airport and scroll down to the table listing all the airlines and destinations.