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Athens Airport - International to Domestic Transfer

Hello all,

We are flying to Greece from Canada in a few days. We will land in Athens at 7am, then we will take Aegean Air to Santorini at 10:15am.

It looks like I will be able to web check-in and print our boarding passes for Aegean so we will have them in hand. We are planning to travel light and will not check any luggage.

My question is, when we arrive at Athens airport, do we need to exit through customs and passport control, then go back through security to departures?
Or will we be able to go directly to the departure gate for Aegean without having to exit the secure zone?

Thanks for the help

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Yes, you do have to exit ... but with 3 hours, you have plenty of time... Landing at 7, there will be almost no other incoming jumbo jets. The 2 big ones from US arive around 9 - 9:30. Passport control will have a short line, but customs is a wave-through. And you'll want to be out in the main area of the building anyway, to hit the ATM machines for Euros.

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Flying in from Canada, if you are connecting through another EU airport for an onward flight to Athens, you will have already passed through passport control and customs. If that's the case all you have to do when you get off the plane is go upstairs to find the departure gate for the flight to Santorini.