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Areas and Hotels on Naxos and Paros

Greetings. I am planning a trip in mid-September and will be staying 2 nights each on Paros and Naxos. I am a little overwhelmed with the choices and variety of places to stay. I would love suggestions for the best area to stay in, as well as specific hotels and advice for whether or not to rent a car or use public transport.

We are two healthy couples in our early 60s who live in Florida. We are coming to Greece to experience the culture, sites, food and people, not necessarily the beaches. However, we love a nice view of the beautiful water and lovely towns.

It seems easy to find a fairly luxurious hotel on either island at a reasonable rate. So a little luxury wouldn't hurt. And maybe a good breakfast, or close enough places to get food. I have been exploring multiple websites for advice, but if anyone has actual experience I would love to hear. Naoussa? Parikia? Naxos Town on Naxos? Where is best, in your opinion? (We are not big partyers, but we'd love to hear some Greek music or have a little fun!)

Any help to narrow down our choices would be greatly appreciated!

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While it's nice to visit and experience as much as possible on your trip you do have to consider travel time from one island to another which eats up time. With just 4 days I would pick one island and base yourself there and experience the island. I haven't been to Paros but understand it's a lovely island with lots to explore and experience. I have been to Naxos and it's one of the best of the Greek Islands with a good combination of Old & New World Greece. I stayed at Studios Naxos in St. George Beach, just a short walk from the waterfront and Naxos Old Town. There are beautiful interior villages in the mountains, seaside villages, centuries-old Byzantine Churches, archeological sites, etc., etc.

I can highly recommend Naxos but if you want to combien both islands just make sure of ferry schedule and time involved from getting from Point A to Point B. The last thing you want to do is eat up your vaction time traveling from one spot to another. The islands are rather close but it still takes time to make the transfers.

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Further to tommy comments. Its just an hour crossing to go from Naxos to Paros on the ferry. That sounds pretty minimal time. However you have to take into account checking out of your hotel getting to the port waiting for the ferry, the hour trip, arriving next island and getting settled in to your new hotel. On one of our trips we checked out of our hotel on Paros by 10 and by the time we were in out hotel on Naxos it was 3 o"clock. That is essentially a half day of island time wasted. No problem if you are there for a month but 4 days that's a huge waste of time.
Pick one of these islands and stay there. Both islands need a week to just start to get familiar with them.

I would choose Naxos not because there is anything wrong with Paros we enjoy both of them but Naxos is my favorite. Naxos was voted one of the top 10 islands in the world a few years ago.

In September the crowds will be tapering off so the best place to stay would be St George beach (Agios Georgios) It is about a kilometer long but the one end is actually part of Naxos town. Now you get a beach location with those views you are talking about but you have access to all the town has to offer just a 10 minute stroll away. Naxos town is the transportation hub with ferry and local bus transportation. If you have an opportunity get on the bus and visit some of the mountain villages. This will show you what Greece used to be like.

Tommy has suggested a budget hotel and there are several in this area. Essentially a bedroom bathroom small kitchen and sea views. For luxury look at Nissaki Beach. Right next door is my favourite Boutique Hotel Glaros. You have to contact them directly on their web site they only take reservations that way. Last luxury near the beach is Naxos Resort beach hotel. Its nice but no view except from the pool area.

Here are images of the beach and hotels we are familiar with Nissaki and Glaros are both in the album

St George Beach Hotels Naxos
St George Beach Naxos
Oh yes Naxos town and a trip around Naxos. If you only stay two nights you don't have a hope of seeing any of the places in the trip album.
Naxos Town
Trip around Naxos

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Have stayed at Irene Hotel on Paros and really enjoyed the place and the locations. The hotel is across the road with a lovely beach and harbor view with nice tavernas and shops along a waterside walk from the hotel to the center of town . There are lovely things to see on this island. Took a rental car around the island and had a yummy outdoor cafe lunch at Naoussa on the other side - a fishing town with colorful boats and kind, interesting people.

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Naxos is a very beautiful island, I was there with my girlfriend last year.
One week is ideal for exploring the island, we stayed in Chora which is the capital of Naxos.
There are many small B&Bs and hotels, it is also highly reccommended to rent a car for a couple of days or so, to drive around the island.
Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do to help you with your trip.
Have a good one!!!