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Are ferry tickets to Delos for a specific time or open ended

Our cruise ship will be docking in Mykonos at 8 am and we plan to buy tickets in advance online for the ferry to Delos. I am being asked to select a time and wonder whether that is the only boat on which we can travel, or whether the reservation is good for any ferry on that date. We would like to go on the ferry at 9 am but are not sure whether we can get from the ship to the ferry in time and may need to catch the 10 am ferry instead.
Also, is the return trip for a specific time or can we catch any ferry back?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Unless you are first off the ship, I’d go for a later time.
I can’t say anything about times and if you are required to adhere to specific timetable, but it sounds like you might? We hopped on a return ferry without a time.
I hope you will have a guide? It was a fascinating place to visit.

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I used a local tour agency for Delos, as I recall, we purchased a ticket for a specific time, but the return was first come first served.

I would imagine that if you showed up to an earlier boat, and they had room, they would have no issue with you hopping on. Might be a problem though if you missed your boat and tried get on a later boat.

I would opt for the 10:00 boat, try the earlier boat, worse case, find a spot to have some coffee and Yogurt with honey or fruit (you know about that don't you?) while you wait.

Just an aside, the boats are less ferry and more like a larger fishing boat. If the wind picks up, they may cancel all boats, if there is a good amount of chop, be prepared for a rough ride.

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we bought our ferry tickets for Delos from an agency in Mykonos Town. She said it was for 10am but since we showed up at 9am we took the first boat out. I believe it is only one ferry company that takes you out, unless it is organized through the cruise ship. you can return to Mykonos Town at anytime. We were not on a cruise but staying on the island for a week, are you buying the tickets through the cruise line? The boats leave I believe every half hour or on the hour from Mykonos Town. According to our purchased tickets it was an open ticket, for both going to Delos and return. I believe selecting a time is just giving the company an idea of how many people will show up at the same time.