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April or late May for RS Greece tour

My husband and another couple are planning to take RS' Greece trip. they are leaning towards April thinking the weather is comfortable. My husband is think endow May so we can swim in the waters. I'm flexible. I pranks!
efer to miss heavy tourism, but don't want to bundle up in layers. suggestions, thoughts and past experiences please.

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I love the sea ... I'm a lake swimmer, so the Atlantic surf has always deterred me, but the Med/Aegean has no tide, thus no surf (in Fall there are waves, but from wind), and Greece has more beaches than any other country that are awarded "blue flag" status for purity and clarity of water. Imagine! The waters off Greek beaches would pass what I call "the Newspaper test." Stand just off shoreline, in waist-deep water, and look down. Imagine there's a newspaper between your feet... the water is clear enough, you could read it. What's more, have you ever experienced water that looks beautifully blue even when you're IN it? It can happen in Greece. And unlike swims in the Atlantic, somehow your skin doesn't feel salty or sticky when you emerge to sunbathe.

I'm just gaga about Aegean swims, and have happily splashed in May on 12 of my Greece trips (the 13th was in Sept) ... For best weather I'd suggest the trips that begin May 13, 15, or 20th... you wouldn't swim until 3 days or so into the trip. The water is "brisk" for the first 15 seconds, and then it is bliss. And May is the BEST month to be in Greece... populated but not packed, weather is warm in afternoon, after sunset a light cardigan across the shoulders feels good, and if you love a bargain, consider -- the days are HOURS longer than then rest of the year... it's not dark until after 9.

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I'll just ditto that May was nice for swimming, whereas in April I would be cold. We visited the Peloponnese and at times we had sites practically (sometimes literally) to ourselves. Of course on Santorini you will have crowds in either month, so it really depends on where you are going.

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In the Athens airport now returning from the RS tour- late May was perfect, we swam in both the Ionian and Aegean Sea! Nice time to be here

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We were on the RS Greece tour this year that started April 17. The weather was excellent the entire time. Temperatures were usually in the high 60s F and occasionally the low 70s. It only rained once and that led to the most incredible double rainbow over the valley below Delphi. The hills were green and covered with beautiful wildflowers. All the locals were saying that in 2 weeks those hills would all be brown. I did jump into the water in Kardimyli and it was chilly at first but I quickly got used to it. The other advantage to our timing was before the tour we were able to experience Greek Orthodox Easter on the island of Poros which was really great.

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Here right now . It was cool and rainy today which isn’t the norm . I wouldn’t consider April at all - we’ve come mid to late May and always had great weather - water still is “ fresh “ but still swimable . April it would still be too chancy of it being too cool unless you really just want a hiking holiday . Plus many islands don’t open up much till mid late May - even now some places are just opening up on the more tourist oriented islands .