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Approachable Book for An Overview of Greek History?

My daughter (age 18) and I are traveling with the RS Athens and the Heart of Greece tour in late March and early April 2015. We are interested in an approachable, concise book on the history of Greece to read before the trip to provide enrichment for our Daddy/Daughter trip---not looking for a pure textbook. It would be nice to have a book that incorporates the impact of mythology on Greek history. Many recommend "A Travellers History of Greece", but the last edition is from 2003, leaving out the events of the last 11 years. Any additional recommendations for a readable book of less than 300 pages? Thanks

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You won't find a short book that goes all the way from 3000 BC to 2013 and does justice to every period. Anyway, the last 20 years are confusing, don't add much to your picture of Greece. Here are some of the books I recommend to newcomers who come along with me to Greece -- for reading ahead, and for on the trip itself. ... all in paperback, all less than 300 pp.

**SAILING THE WINE-DARK SEA: Why the Greeks Matter – Thomas Cahill, 2003 – Paperback.
Spendid! Lively read, yet good history! My top choice for overview of Ancient Greece.

PORTRAIT of GREECE -- Nicholas Gage. Find in Library; Pub. 1979, a 1995 edition mainly has more pix. Amazon has it in used paperback. It's about 20th Century greece, linking it to ancient traditions & myths, and influences thru the centuries. I havent found anything better ... for insights into culture, traditions. temperament. Well-written! (Author was a TIME writer, also did novels).

TRAVELERS HISTORY OF GREECE - Very good straightforward British history. Paperback.

Brief History – A quickie that I take -- is 20 pp I pulled out from ROUGH GUIDE to GREECE, and "bound" with duct tape on spine. Historical narrative 3000bc¬--2000ad. Newer edition runs 47pp; either is excellent, concise, detailed. BTW, get a used copy of Rough Guide on Amazon, pull out sections like this ... pocket size "mini-guides"... detailed and Candid.

Ancient History Funny!! -- GREEK GAZETTE -- hilarious (AND accurate) Greek history paperback as tabloid-newspaper, written by Oxford wits. This version (Headline: Nude Scientist in Bathtub). A MUST! Kids, howl! I take my copy for travel pals to laugh & learn! Size 32 pp. Also! Edition #2 re Alexander & others (Headline: He’s Great!) Both available on Amazon.

and for the modern period (published about 2001?)
** EURYDICE STREET – Sofka Sinovieff My Modern Favorite! – Memoir on life in modern middle-class Greece. Author, from London (White Russian father/Greek mother). met a Greek diplomat abroad; they moved from Europe to Athens suburb when their girls were 8 & 10. Absorbing, amusing, touching story of girls ‘becoming Greek,” which in the process shares countless Greek customs, habits, outlooks, both from the near-past, ancient past and today. Paperback, via Amazon or Barnes & Noble. A great read!