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Apartment in Chios, Greece

A friend ask me to recommend an apt for one month in Chios, Greece. Has anyone any recommendations or a website for monthly apt. Rentals besides Airbnb? Thanks

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There are numerous websites that can give you lots of options. Apartments or studios are readily available all over Chios without going through airbnb. Sometimes you'll get better prices and services with dealing directly with an accommodation's owner rather than a third-party site.

Check out this webiste for Chios accommodations all over the island:

You'll get a list of accommodations and towns/villages. Click on a town/village you are interested in and you'll get a list of places to stay just for that town or just keeping looking at the entire list for places.

I've never used airbnb mostly because I don't feel comfortable dealing with accommodations owned by individuals that may or may not be reputable or offer everything they say on the website. Dealing directly with an established business has worked out wonderfully for me. I'm not saying you won't have success with airbnb but I've always had good results dealing directly with an established accommodation's owner.