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Anyone made the trip from Hydra to Hermonie Port to Nafplio [ferry/bus] lately?

We'll be leaving Hydra via ferry to Hermonie and from there to Nafplio by bus (April 13). May have to catch a taxi to Krandi if the bus isn't running from Hermonie port area.

Our concern is that (apparently) the bus schedules can change with little or no warning, if I understand correct. The schedule will show the bus--but you get there and no bus. You call and are told it isn't running today...(I was warned about that from one of the Nafplio B&B owners...) I have looked at the bus schedule and sure enough, it shows the perfect bus for our arrival--if it is actually running...
So, if the worst happens- I guess the only way to Nafplio is by taxi--expensive.

Anyone have recent experience making the crossing and getting to (or from) Nafplio?

I understand there's a cruise operator, Pegasus Cruises, who would allow us to jump on board at Hydra and continue with them on the cruise--then dock near Nafplio. Taxi to our lodging, about 17km or so. Unfortunately they won't know if they are offering cruises in April until sometime in March...and we are leaving home in two weeks on extended traveling. Greece is our last stop.

Would appreciate any thoughts on all this. The specter of a less-than-solid bus schedule is a little worrisome Thanks!

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We did Ermioni to Nafplio in March 2010, so not exactly recently. We got a 9.30 bus from Ermioni and picked up an 11 o'clock from Kranidi. I think we must have then changed in Argos.

The timetable for the Kranidi buses, which may be the one you've seen, is here

I'm surprised that someone told you the timetables are unreliable. We're in Greece two or three times a year - most recently in Nafplio at Christmas - and always travel by bus. I've never found the timetables to be unreliable except when there is a strike.

On a separate point if you are going to Nafplio you might be interested in our write up of the place, and especially our favourite restaurants

We've also put up some of the photos we took at Christmas

Have a great trip.


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My experience is not as recent as Alan's, nor on that route. But I would agree that bus schedules can change with little warning. The fact that this branch of KTEL has "committed" to a schedule online is probably a good sign.

My old memory of an experience on Crete still informs my general expectation about the need to be flexible in Greece. At a small port town, the bus stop displayed an ambitious summer schedule. But since it was April, at least half of those buses did not run. I asked the hotelier/restaurateur next to the bus stop which departure would work and he said 10:00. A taxi driver came by to offer me a ride and said the bus would not come until 13:00; I thought he was just a salesman. But the bus did not come until 13:00. Ferry schedules can also be affected quite a bit by weather and other delays.

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Yes, busses can be delayed, and taxi service as well, but there usually is a good reason. On my Spring 2001 visit to Kea (Tzia) I wanted to take the bus up to the Kastro, but was told it was first delivering the schoolchildren to another part of the island and would be back soon. So I decided to take a taxi, and waved at the only one around, near the port. He leaned out of the window & said he'd be glad to take me, as soon as he picked up his daughter. I said fine, I'll wait, and two grey-haired mustachio-men sitting at a cafe table said, Come, Coffee. I did. They used their 20 or so words of english very imaginatively and we talked up a storm. They asked about American politics, and I used an impolite Greek word I'd learned from an Athens friend. They had hysterics, and wanted to buy me a drink. The bus arrived, but every time I walked by the cafe for the rest of my stay, my Mustache-Men called out, and told their friends. Viva public transit!

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Thanks everyone--guess we'll just see what happens. Alan, thanks for the links in your post. I'll have a look!