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Any tips to find more affordable ferries (between Athens-Crete-Cyclades)?

I'm kind of shocked by how much ferries are costing. Is there a trick to finding less expensive options?

I'm looking for June ferries from

Heraklion->Thera/Santorini (the only affordable option arrives at


(Thera/Santorini->Folegrandos is 7 or 8 euros, which is


Are there any tricks to doing this? :-/ Thanks in advance.

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I assume you have checked on, if not use that website. you will have the opportunity to see the indirect ferry connections.

About fares, they have risen sharply in recent months, especially high-speed ferries such as Seajets. these monsters consume a lot of fuel (a "World Champion Jet" from Seajets carries 50,000 liters of fuel), the rates are affected by the rise in the price of oil. You will not have better prices than those indicated by ferryhopper or the ferry companies's websites which are the same.

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Thanks for the heads up -- we've been using that site... just hoping there was something we didn't know. :-(

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The highspeed Sea Jet catamaran ferry is always much more expensive than the conventional car ferry, and it's the only one running between Heraklion and Santorini except for the late-night "Prevelis" once or twice a week.

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I took the Seajet a couple of weeks ago between Heraklion and Santorini. It took two hours. It left Crete at 8 AM and arrived at 10 AM giving you the whole day in Santorini.

Yes, it's getting expensive but then what isn't.