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Any restaurant recommendations for Athens?

Looking for restaurant recommendations for two nights in Athens. One with a view of the Acropolis at sunset would be great, though would prefer less touristy and better food if we had to choose. Thanks!

Editing - well gladly give up the view for better food and less touristy, so revising to ask for great restaurants in Athens (no need for a view).

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Kafeneio, in Kolonaki neighborhood, up the hill from Syntagma Squate and Embassy Row. Traditional Greek taverna. Few tourists. Kafeneio - Original urban Athenian taverna in Kolonaki, Loukianou 26, Tel. 2107237757 , 2107239600 .
Strofi-authentic, views of Acropolis
Vlassis, Kolonaki, classic, nice setting, hidden away-Meandrou-15,30-21 0725 6335
Scholarheia, ouzeri, mezes

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About restaurants with Acropolis view:

All these restaurants are touristic,
The variable "more or less tourists" will be mainly dependent on the price of the dinner.
The Acropolis is very nicely lit at night.
In my opinion this view plus a good dinner is a spectacle in itself and this idea of ​​synchronizing a meal with the sunset never occurred to me.
I prefer to focus on the quality of the meal (and drinks) and the atmosphere.

So, a very nice restaurant bar for the view is the "360°" I had a few drinks there in the evening but never dined, it has a huge terrace on the roof of a building near Monastiraki square.

For something more elaborate from a gastronomic point of view there is another one not far from Monastiraki in the pedestrian street which runs along the Agora, the "Kuzina" (expensive but the prices are justified)
Booking is essential, especially for the rooftop which they call "terraza".

These are the only two of the rooftop type that I know, but I am not an expert in this kind of place, so there are at least a dozen others that must be very good. even better!

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The Diodos on Adrianou has a brilliant view. It’s directly opposite the entrance to the Agora and looks straight up at the Acropolis.

We go there most often for an early evening drink but have occasionally had lunch there and the food is fine: nothing special but tasty and reasonably priced. Their website has a menu if you want to see if it’s your kind of thing.


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As others have said, I'd opt for a drink with a view as opposed to dinner. There are fabulous restaurants in Athens, a bit out of the tourist core, and quite good ones even in the tourist center too.

For an unforgettable high end meal (which is reasonable compared to similar food in the US) Aleria is amazing. It's in a mansion with a beautiful patio.

On the other end of the spectrum, for fast food, the souvlaki at Kostas (2 locations - maybe more) can't be beat. There's usually a line, especially if you go at lunchtime as office workers get huge orders, but it's worth it. 1 -2 is a snack 3-4 are a meal.

and Ατίταμος is a great stop if you're walking to the Archeological museum, some of the best traditional food I've had anywhere for VERY reasonable prices.

Maiandros restaurant in the center is really surprisingly good given it's location.

None of these have views. We stayed at a hotel with a rooftop bar with a view of the Parthenon and that worked great for us.

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Thank you all for your suggestions we’ll plan to get a drink with a view and eat in a less touristy place without a view with great food. Please let me know if you have any further suggestions. I’ll edit my original question.

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So, since you gave up on the view here are two places among many others:

Another Kafeneio than the one cited by Suki. it's in Plaka at 1, Epicharmou Str. It's a small pedestrian street a little out of the way.
It's real traditional and good unpretentious Greek food with reasonable prices. There are a few tables outside. You have to make a reservation or be lucky.

Another for tourists, let's say, informed and especially non-vegetarians

Karamanlidika, 1 Sokratous street. North of Plaka (about 500 meters) The area is not very attractive but you won't regret the trip if you can get a table there. There are very few tables.
The cuisine is typically Greek. And since you appreciate a beautiful view, you will surely like this one (view on strings of sausages and hams).

For the very high end, try the CTC Urban Gastronomy
It's certainly very good, but sorry, I haven't been able to afford this one yet (from 120€ per meal with wine pairing.)

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Hi, We were in Athens in May 2022. Saw this on Trip Advisor: highly recommend Eat With a Local Athens, Dimitirs and Savos:

I will say this is not something we would normally do, it was just something that caught my eye bc every last review was 5 stars - perfection. So we tried it. SOO glad we did! Our family of six is still raving about the food and the view of the Acropolis. Something a bit different, for sure, but we found the hospitality unmatched in Athens and the eight course meal was something you will be talking about for months!

We walked from our hotel in the Plaka area.

Hope you have a great trip!