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Any problems flying to Greece with a stopover in another country?

Hi there,
We just booked our tickets with Lufthansa to Athens and will be flying out of San Francisco, laying over in Frankfurt, and then continuing on to Athens. A while back I remember a someone saying that they caught the same flight (SF to Athens with a stopover in Frankfurt) and ran into problems with the German authorities at the airport because they had not filled out some paperwork or perhaps uploaded some form. I can't remember the details exactly but I believe it may have been COVID related. Have any of you experienced something like this?

We are flying with Lufthansa the entire way from San Francisco and I believe just changing plans in Frankfurt so I wouldn't think there would be a problem but I just want to make sure.

As far as I can tell from my research, it appears we just need to fill out a passenger located form for Greek authorities but I don't know if stopping over in Germany could cause some problems.

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To date, normally airline passengers who are simply changing flights at an airport in the Federal Republic of Germany must also comply with the obligations to provide proof of vaccination, recovery or testing

But check with Lufthansa anyway.

At this date, concerning your flight Frankfurt-Athens you will also need to create an account on and complete the Passenger Locator Form required to enter Greece.
Generally the QR codes obtained when you completed the PLF are checked on boarding

If you are only going this summer, these rules may have been removed

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Thanks for this information. I finally got through to a representative with Lufthansa. As of today, she said we only need our CDC vaccine certificate and a completed passenger locator form to pass through Frankfurt and enter Greece. That said, she said rules are always changing so I should check back close to the time we depart. Hope this helps anyone else passing through Frankfurt or going to Greece.

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Yes, it does help. We are going to Greece in May and passing through Zurich.

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This is helpful to me as well! We are going to Greece on March 22, but we fly home ATH-FRA, FRA-IAD and I only have a 1h15m layover in Frankfurt. I am concerned about that time and paperwork for Germany, so this was helpful. Any other input for me would be helpful as well on this topic.
Thank you!

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You may need a form for the stopover in Germany but for Greece the Passenger Locator Form is no longer required (since yesterday March 15)