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Any museums in Athens open on Xmas Day(Dec 25)

Hello, We will be in Athens for a few days between Dec 24-Jan 1.
I was wondering if there are any museums open on Dec 25 or X'mas eve to visit.

Acropolis Museum seem to be closed on X'mad day.

I can do a later tour of Acropolis on Dec 30/31. But Was wondering if I can see any sites on X'mad day in/around Athens.


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Go to the websites of museums that interest you to learn which are closed Christmas Day.

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It is true most museums and tourist sites list the hours on their websites and you can buy tickets online. You just have look up the ones are planning to go to

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Ok. Understood. I was expecting some feedback from a truly local person-in-the-know who kinda understands what is open and not on X'mas days. I had already looked-up a couple of museums and knew they were not open. Best!

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Our experience with European sights at Christmas and New Years is that they take these holidays far more serious than the average American and almost always tend to be closed on those days often beginning around noon the previous day. I doubt if you will find much open including restaurants on those days. If you are not prepared to accept any answer, then don't ask the question. Continental was spot on given the quality of the question.

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If it was me i would email Athens TI and simply ask them as they will more likely have more uptodate info than any one else. But i would expect none to be open, its family time.

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Trip Adviser forums tend to have designated “local experts”, but RS forums do not. In some cases a particular RS forum may have regular participants who are natives or current residents of an area with more in depth local knowledge than occasional visitors. I must say that even a local person would likely need go to the web sites of individual museums or sites to check or confirm details like days closed, hours of opening and closing, current ticket prices, etc.

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I looked up the top five popular sites as ranked by Trip Advisor.
Sadly all are closed on both the 25th & 26th. But the good news is that all the sites will be open 27-31st
Enjoy you time in Athens!

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I went and typed this into my favourite web search site:

"Are there any museums open December 25 in Athens Greece"

The answer I got back was:

"all museum and archeological sites are closed"

Hope that helps.

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Thank you Michael for your time and effort on this. Really appreciated!

Merry X'mas and happy holidays!

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I've cleaned out a side discussion in this thread. We're all here to help and our Community works best when we assume the best intentions in others, even if a reply isn't exactly what we're hoping for. Thanks and enjoy your holidays!