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Any Camera restrictions in Greece Museums/Churches?

Hi - as an avid travel photographer - I was curious if any recent visitors found any issues with medium/smaller (fuji) or DSLR (nikon) sized cameras in the major RS tour attractions? I noticed in the book RS mentioned the Acropolis Museum and Archeology museum have some limitations and restriction (hoping I can still carry it in with me if not allowed to use it?). Is a side camera bag ok or do they expect all bags to check into lockers?

And other than the normal courteous and respectful travel photo protocol - are there any specific locations or issues with discrete non-flash (and non selfi-stick) photography for respectful enthusiasts to be aware of traveling in Athens and the Peloponnese?

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At the Acropolis museum you are required to check your bag. Google each museum's website for more information. Greeks are adamant about their heritage being photographed with respect and do not allow people to pose with the antiquities. At first I thought they meant no selfies; but, they mean no posing at all. I was there in 2015.

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Tom, as I remember from my recent trip to Greece, many interior sites have a no-flash policy. Some ancient Byzantine churches have and enforce no-photo policies in the interior, others not. Most people, although not all, are happy to be photographed, and often thank you profusely for having taken their photo. Not sure I understand why, maybe they are flattered that you find them interesting.

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I was there in April. The Acropolis Museum is strict about no photos, except on the top floor where the Parthenon marbles are and the rooftop cafe with nice views. I don't remember anywhere in the Archaeology Museum where photography was restricted. I definitely took lots of pix there. I can't think of anywhere else in Athens or the Peloponnese where photos were not allowed.

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Was just reading this in Lonely Planet Crete: avoid taking pictures of the altar in churches and do not take pictures of monks or nuns.

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Each museum is different. I was recently at the excellent Museum of Cretan Ethnology & they gave me permission to use flash even. Few will want you to check-in bags. Most allow non-flash photography.

I would never use flash inside a church or monastery.

& be very careful anywhere in the vicinity of airports & harbours, no photography anywhere near naval & army bases.

Of course the usual applies to people - it is polite to ask first (unless you are working on candid street shots), if you can't speak Greek, just wave your camera & say May I? in an enquiring voice.

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When there in 2014, it was my understanding that posing in museums was prohibited, but non-flash photography was permissible.

Went into very few churches-- the ones I did enter did not have any signs about photo prohibitions. Just look for signs and exercise common sense and courtesy

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Thanks everyone for the quick and helpful responses! Indeed I will of course be as courteous and respectful as I can. and I never use flash (thats why we have high quality optics and high ISO capability to use silent camera in low lights!

BTW I looked in my own new copy of LP guide and saw no mention of avoiding photos about monks/nuns - but I will check with the guides when there (as Id likely only do as artfully and candid street photography style for cultural story.)

I noticed the "no posing" rules in the books too at the museum which I thought was amusing - and definitely something I have no problem with. Selfie sticks should be banned in ALL museums anyplace - other than maybe kids-space museum or something!