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alternative to seeing athens at end of trip

Hoping to travel to Greece in Aug.
We would prefer to sightsee in Athens first and then travel to a few islands…Mykonos and Santorini. We would prefer to stay on Santorini towards the end of the holiday as opposed to starting with it. Reason being I think this would be the highlight. Save the best for last. When visiting Italy the past 2 summers, we found it difficult leaving Sorrento, Cinque Terre and Tuscany areas to move onto the cities. We do enjoy the sites the cities have to offer it's just that we love the R and R you get from a seaside or country location. However, logically I see why the reverse order would make more sense. So does anyone have any suggestions as to a possible way for the order I have suggested or something else to add onto Athens that would give us that quaint feeling.

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It does not matter what order you do it in! Greece is awesome. I was there 3 years ago. Went with a friend and we were in Greece for 2 weeks. Then she had to go home and I went to Germany for a week to visit family. I returned to Greece for 5 days before coming home. Thought I would get caught up in the unrest occuring there and miss my flight home( a country wide strike was called) but at the very last minute, the air traffic controllers were allowed to work and my flight came home. We spent 2 days in Athens and then took an overnight ferry to Santorini. We stayed there for several days and then returned to Pireus (location of ferry port) and caught another ferry to 2 other islands, before returning to Greece for one night, and we parted ways.

Here is my opinion. Do not plan to return to Athens at last minute to catch a flight. We might have missed our flights if we had done that. The ferry from Santorini broke down in the Agean and we were adrift for many, many hours while they waited for parts to repair to arrive and then for repairs to occur. I would give it an extra day at the end for that reason alone. If you get back and don't have anything to do the last day in Athens, then visit Delphi. It was a wonderful day trip!

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If the seas are too rough from high winds the ferries and sometimes even the planes can't depart. This is why it's smart to save Athens for the end of your trip, especially in July and early August when the winds are at their strongest. By the end of August it shouldn't be risky to save Santorini for the end of your trip, but it's still a smart idea to return to Athens the day or evening before your flight home because unforseen mechanical breakdowns can delay or cancel flights and ferries.