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Alternate dining options for solo travel in Santorini (not restaurants)

Hi, I'm a solo traveler and am currently planning a trip to Greece. I generally don't eat alone in a sit-down restaurant in the evening when travelling in Europe (for many reasons). I find it more enjoyable to hit the pool/spa in the evening and then eat in my room especially if I have a balcony. During trips to other European countries, I self-catered, got takeout food from convenience markets, or ate my main meal around 3 pm when restaurants tended to be emptier. I also found cafeterias that had great local food at reasonable prices and many solo travelers frequented these places. During previous trips, I rented Airbnbs since I was staying 4 nights in several locations and it was worth it to self cater. I'm now planning 2-3 night stays in various locations in Greece and will be staying in hotels. I don't want to self cater this trip.

Are there any dining options in Santorini other than sit-down restaurants--such as takeout food, buffets or cafeterias, places that have counter service for a single traveler or very casual dining spots where I won't stick out like a sore thumb or be approached by men because I'm alone? I'm talking dinner only. I will find a hotel that includes breakfast so that's not an issue.

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Daisy, it would help us give better advice if you'd indicate exactly When u will be going... recommends may differ, for May vs. 1st week of August, height of High Season crowds! I"ve traveled both with friends and solo, to many islands including Santorini. There I stay at an absolutely adorable small family run budget place, (8 rooms) just 30 feet from the rimside wall & view - Villa Fotini. And just 100 yards away is a swell small taverna ( THE Oldest taverna on the isle) Taverna Aktaion. Tables inside, on porch, and right next to the rimside wall, with view. Last time there (6/2019) I sat at such a table, had a beer & a wonderful mushroom souffle for €10... this is NOT an area with prowling predators; v comfortable for solo or a few friends... also will happily pack up your dinner order for you to take back to your balcony, or find a scenic bench nearby to picnic on. This area is in Firostephani ... great location for singles... you can easily walk to the Fira Attractions, but are away from traffic & hubbub, also can get bus to/from OIa (go early!! 8 am! to beat the huge cruise crowds/package-tour bus mobs that invade from 10am-4pm).

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There are take-out souvlaki and gyros shops in Fira, Oia, Perissa and Kamari. Also in Fira are some take-out traditional food shops. They're just off the main square on the lower road below the bus station. Turn right on the lower road and walk a few hundred meters along the left side of the street. I can't remember exactly where they're located, but they're fairly easy to spot. If you look inside you'll see only a few tables for sit-down dining, and hot cases behind glass showing the food offered that day. Locals buy food here to take home. It's authentic and delicious.

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We stayed in May, 2018, and our favorite cheap eats was 'Why Not? Souvlaki' just North of the Three Bells of Fira church on the pathway in Firostefani. €2.50 for a souvlaki or gyro to go! It was a great place to sit outside and watch the sunset. This is on the walk from Fira to Oia. Don't know if things are still the same post COVID.