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Allergic to Lamb

Looking forward to being in Athens this summer and trying a variety of street food but... I'm allergic to lamb. Any tips on avoiding this? Can't wait for Souvlaki and Gyros.

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They have chicken and pork souvlaki and gyros. You don’t have to eat lamb.

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Both of those foods can be made from lamb.
Souvlaki can be made from pork, chicken and sometimes fish. Check to see what is in these before you purchase. You might print a card that shows your allergies in Greek. They can be found on the internet.

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The card idea is great, I'll do that.

I'm mainly concerned about getting lamb accidentally. This should avoid that.

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I was surprised at how little lamb we encountered when we were in Greece. It seemed like we saw more chicken and pork.

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Here the shwarma (same as souvlaki meat, just based on the Turkish name) is mostly chicken or turkey meat BUT a lot of places add a layer or two of lamb fat for flavor. I have no idea if that is done in Greece.

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Lamb is mostly a special occasion food--like a holiday roast or prepared whole on a spit. Summer time you will find mostly grilled meat and seafood while you are traveling. The only place you might encounter it is if the gyros meat is a blend of meats.

Just say "Arnee ohee" and show the allergy card and you should be fine with plenty of other meat to choose from.

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The most consumed meats in Greece are pork and chicken. There is a good amount of seafood eaten but it's mostly small fish that most foreigners aren't aware of.

Lamb is consumed on special occasions but it's not a regular part of the diet.

Sheep and goats are more valued for their milk rather than their meat. Many types of Greek cheeses are made from those two animals.

Most of the Gyros use pork or chicken. There may be a few places who use lamb but it's not common and/or is used in combination with pork.

Just ask your water for a pork (choirinó) or chicken (kotópoulo)Gyro and you'll be fine.

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I haven't been to Greece for 25 years, so I have no current information. What about moussaka and pastitsio (both casseroles)? They (traditionally) include ground meat. I rather assumed it was lamb, but perhaps I was wrong??