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Aktaion versus Metaxi Mas in Santorini; other dining options

We are spending 3 nights in Santorini in July. We are planning on dining at one "traditional" greek tavern, one sunset dining slightly more elaborate, and perhaps one seafood tavern.
We are staying in Fira, and for a less touristy greek experience we could go to Aktaion just walking (two minutes) versus getting a cab/transportation to go to Metaxi Mas. Any thoughts on either? Is it worth it, or better to stay around the hotel at night?
Any recommendations for great, fresh seafood? We were told about Dimitris in Ammoudi bay and To Psakari in Vlychada bay.
Thanks as always for all the wisdom!

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We enjoyed Aktaion so much that we dined there twice. It is the oldest Taverna and it truly is a traditional Greek experience. We were there several years ago and needed reservations. Since you are staying in Fira I can highly recommend our other favorite Tavern. It’s Stani. We had lunch one day and then made reservations for dinner on their view deck the following evening. Another wonderful Greek experience. We were staying in Firostefani and enjoyed the walk back to our hotel. It was magical.

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Be advised that wherever you go to have fresh seafood will be charging by weight using the gram as the standard. There are 453.5 grams in a pound, so make sure you understand how much you will be spending before you order. It can get VERY expensive, and if you aren't prepared for the bill at the end of the meal you will think you have been taken advantage of. Fratzeskos Fish Taverna in Perissa Beach is where many locals go for seafood. Metaxi Mas will be open for lunch, so you don't have to miss it for a meal. I also recommend Santorini Mou in Oia for dinner with live Greek music provided by the owner and friends. Sometimes there is spontaneous Greek dancing. Reserve an outside table to join in the fun.

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The great expense for fresh seafood of any size, is due to overfishing of the Mediterranean/Aegean, so that fish stocks of large species have not recovered. Better value in fresh seafood exists in smaller varieties, and/or nonfish items -- squid (calamari) prepared many ways, grilled octopus, shrimp, mussels, or sardines and my fave, "marides" (smelts), crisp-fried and so tiny can be eaten whole -- (but warning, best as appetizer; too salty as entree).

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Our dinner at Aktaion was very enjoyable, and being able to walk there vs. taking a cab is a bonus. We were there in September and reservations were necessary as it was very crowded.

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Everyone told us Metaxi Mas is very good; we just never got there as its a bit out of the way if you don't have a car.

Our favourite restaurant was in Oia, a place called Candouni. Outdoor and indoor seating. Outdoor is under traditional grapevine awning. Not only was the food excellent but the waitress treated us like part of the family, explaining who everybody was in town, and sharing all the local gossip. They offered us a nice mastika or limoncello at no cost at the end of the night.

Dimitris is just one of several seafood places in Ammoudi. We really enjoyed the one we ate at, but I can't remember if it was Dimitris; I think it might have been the Ammoudi Fish Tavern. In any case, Ammoudi is a great spot to visit, and the site of the best kept swimming hole secret, Ammoudi Bay, where you can swim out to an island with an old church/monastery. Its rocky, not beachy, but the rocks are flat and make for great sunning spots. One of our Santorini highlights for sure. Here's a picture to set the scene:,25.3721569,3a,75y,132.37h,90t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipPjeqpPtcf7H8Cbv0_mIZdpFfPGd4HvX-pzjymc!2e10!3e11!!7i10752!8i3630?hl=en