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Airport to Bus Terminal A

Hello everyone,

Can anyone tell me what is the best way to get from the airport to bus terminal A so we can get a bus to Napflio? There doesn't seem to be any direct route, and there seems to be a fair amount of discouragement towards using taxis. Thank you all for your input.


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Yes, the X93 express bus is the one you want, but be advised that it can take longer than an hour if you are traveling during the morning or evening rush hour.

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Alan and Lee, thank you. This is just the information I was hoping to get.

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Steve, the bus x93 leaves right from the curb outside the terminal ... there's a nearby counter where you buy your ticket ( €6 - or half price for seniors!) -- be sure to validate it by punching it in a pole-mounted box inside the bus. Your luggage is piled INSIDE the bus in a central "pen" so you can just relax for the ride. Of course you CAN take a taxi, but it probably will run about €45 or so.... I would only use taxi if you want to get there for a specific Nafplio bus. Those go hourly on the half-hour unti 8 pm. The x93 lets you off just outside the bus terminal. For Nafplio, you DON'T go to the regular "ticket room" -- you head right across the cavernous depot area to the EXIT DOOR. The Nafplio bus is right by the exit against far wall -- and has its own little ticket-desk. Cash only. (€13 1 way) NOTE: seats are numbered, and for the best view of the sea as you ride, ask for LEFT side seats.

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Slight update to Janet’s info. The airport buses now don’t have punch validation: the tickets have been changed to electronic and you need to hold them against a small screen.

This is part of a general change to all ticketing in Athens. There are now barriers at almost all metro stations and you will need to swipe tickets on entry. Similar electronic validation is also being installed on buses and trolleys.

BUT, it’s anybody’s guess when all of this will start working. It was scheduled for last January but has been being put back regularly. The airport buses seem to be the only place where the new system is in play.

More details here for anyone interested