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Airport to Athens

Hi Everyone! Our Rick Steves trip is coming in May and we are really excited! We are coming a few days early, so thought we would just take the bus or metro into town. However, with recent posts about safety, we are considering taking a taxi. Is there a recommended taxi, and do taxi drivers accept credit cards. Thank you!

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If you're hyper-vigilant the pocket pickers won't bother you. Just keep your valuables in front of you, not slung back over your shoulder.

Taxis don't take credit cards but there are ATMs at the airport where you can get cash, and Greek banks don't charge a transaction fee. The advantage to the taxi is that you will be taken right to your hotel and not have to figure out where it is once you're in the city. And you won't have to schlepp your luggage on the city streets.

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I take the metro several times a year and have never had any problem. Obviously though a lot of other people have and there are no guarantees.

A couple of times recently when we’ve arrived late, or have been going somewhere not close to a station, we’ve used Welcome Cabs. They charge the standard taxi fare to the centre - 38 euros - but meet you on arrival. You pay in advance online so don’t have to worry about cash. Apparently the drivers all have to take an advanced driving test and an English exam.

They’re worth a look if you decide on a taxi.


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I used Welcome Pickups in Athens last year. Excellent service, met at arrivals, driver spoke excellent English, welcome bottle of cold water, beautifully clean and new car (and drivers don’t smoke in the car!) and delivered right to my hotel in Plaka. Also used them to return to airport at end of trip; cost was €38 each way paid in advance before I left home.

Have used the Metro to get into Athens with no problem as I had only a small suitcase, and was able to tuck it under my legs when train got crowded but then faced a 30 min walk to my mid-day in September, it was hot, hot, hot! Hence decision to use Welcome Pickups.

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If your hotel is anywhere near Syntagma Square, consider taking the X95 bus leaving right from the curb outside the Airplort building. Costs €6 (€3 for seniors), NO pickpocket risk because no one can get on after it leaves airport, and only 1 stop before terminus at Syntagma, you can relax and even Doze en route... and at Syntagma, no rush to collect tings, and you step right onlto sidewalk. It's the relaxed way to do public transit.

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Thank you so much for all the great advice! Janet, is there also a bus from Syntagma Square back to the airport? Welcome Pickups also sounds like a great idea. Thank you!