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AirBNB and passport number:


I have booked a couple of nights in Athens at an AirBNB. The owner "needs" our passport numbers for "tax purposes."

Is this question legitimate?



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I know it is for Italy, and I suspect that it is a legitimate request for Greece.

Nobody can "steal your identity" with a passport number.

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Yes, they have to document who stays, your passport number is your "ID" when traveling. There is no security risk by giving out your Passport Number, it has no Financial value and little use to anyone.

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This is a regular question. Passports/ID details are needed by law by hotels etc. at check-in.
Some North American tourists seem to think a passport is some super-valuable item that everybody wants to steal from you. It isn't, it is "everyday carry" for proving who you are and your age.

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What Chris said - I don’t understand the fear but it is something that comes up a lot . It’s ok !