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Air BnB in greece

Hello! my wife and I will be travelling to Greece next month for the first time. We will likely be travelling through Athens, Santorini, Delphi, and Meteora. I would definitely prefer to Air Bnb at least through places in Greece, but my wife is concerned about how safe they would be. Does any-one have any input, suggestions, experiences they can share regarding Air BnB in Greece? Thanks, Jason

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Personally, I think Air BnB's are better in Europe. Safe? Greece is one of the safest countries we have ever visited. I would not worry if you want to book an Air BnB there.

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We've used Airbnb at least twice a year in Athens for the last five years or so with no problem at all. Can't speak for the other places you mention.

I'm not sure what aspect of safety your wife is concerned about? The Airbnb system involves not passing payment to the renter until the day after you arrive, so cutting out the fake apartment scam. As Suki says Greece itself is very safe.

Have a great trip.


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Thank you for sharing this about Air BnB. We're planning our trip to Greece for July 2018, and we've been looking at places to stay on there. Let us know how you like the places you picked.