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Air B&B in Athens

We are 2 couples traveling to Athens in May 2020. We are hoping to find a very nice apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. We'd like a very convenient location in the city, but not sure we want to be in the center of Platka! Does anyone on the forum have a place they would recommend? Many thanks!

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I stayed in great airbnb in the Koukaki neighborhood (but it had only one bathroom). We loved that area. To add to possibilities of where to search :)

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We stayed in the same neighborhood and had a three bedroom with 1.5 baths with a lovely rooftop deck.

You may have to go up to three bedrooms to get 2 baths and as you can see from our rental, that still is not a guarantee. We decided we liked the roof top deck and location enough to go with 1.5 bathrooms for 6 people.

It worked out fine but we were family (parents and young adults children).

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Thank you, Jessica and Beth. I am seeing how we need to look at 3+ bedrooms to have 2 full baths! The search continues!

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We are about to stay at a 3 br 2 ba airbnb apartment in Athens (only needed 2 br but wanted 2 baths). If you can wait until Nov before booking, I'll let you know how it is. It is walking distance to the Plaka but in a different neighborhood. I have a friend who lives in Athens and she said it is a good area. (Interestingly it also has a rooftop deck).

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I stayed near the Acropoli metro stop this summer for five days and loved the area. It was very convenient to get around, lots of restaurants and grocery stores, and close enough to some of the ancient sites to walk if I wanted to. Would highly recommend the area!!

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We had a fantastic Airbnb experience with AthensLuxuryHomes in Kolonaki. Three bedrooms and two

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Thanks, everyone. We have found a place that seems like it will be a good choice. I appreciate the feedback.

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Hello from Athens,

I can suggest my AirBnB that is fully renovated with much love and care
You can check it here
2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms...Sunny balcony
3 metro stops away from Acropolis or just one taxi ride of 15 minutes and 5 EUR (taxis are cheap in Greece)

To be honest, I do not understand why guests would stay in Plaka or Psirri or any of these SUPER touristic and loud places, which are of course nice to visit.
But it is also nice to discover more of the "real" Athens (Petralona, Kypseli, Keramikos) which are also very lively (but not annoyingly and full of tourists) and also beautiful

Hope it helps

Enjoy your Stay

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I don't have a place but I would definitely suggest staying away from Koukaki and the area around the Acropolis. It's so touristic that it's not really authentic anymore. Perhaps residential areas like Pagkrati or Kypseli might be a better option, and cheaper too!