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Aegina private tour recommendation

I learned about Aegina from others on this message board and we just returned from a day trip to the island from Athens. We had a very positive experience with a local independent guide, Sandy Kalamaras. Sandy is originally from Cape Town, South Africa but has lived on Aegina for "more than half her life". So I think that would mean she has lived on Aegina for 20+ years. She has a great deal of affection for the island and clearly knows of its nooks and crannies. She took us to wonderful sites a bit off the normal itinerary. It was a great day in the outdoors hiking and touring about. I highly recommend her. She can be reached at sandrakalamaras[at]gmail[dot]com.

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Wes, recommendations like this can be very useful, and are welcomed by newcomers -- IF you include the cost. Then people can know whether it's affordable on their budget or an extra they need to do without. Please tell us what her fee was, and if there's a reduction for a half-day booking.