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Aegean & Transavia airlines

We are looking to book flights from Amsterdam to/from Greece. The best schedule options are on Aegean & Transavia. There are some flights on KLM, which I am familiar with, but times aren't ideal and prices are higher. What is your experience with these other airlines? Thanks!

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We recently flew on Aegean, Athens to Rhodes, Rhodes to Crete, and Santorini to Athens. No meals, but the flights were on time, and our luggage arrived with us. That's all I ask for fairly short flights.

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Aegean has won best European airline for something like the 7th straight year. They are good.

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I wish Aegean flew transatlantic...I'd fly them any time. Have flown them to Crete from both London and Athens a number of times. Comfortable, good service and good food.

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We flew with Aegean from Athens to Santorini with no problems...nothing big to report, just a short/uneventful flight. Wouldn't hesitate to book with them again.

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I've flown on Aegean to and from London twice. I think Aegean is a great airline and the food and wine are wonderful!

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I've flown Aegean a few times , nonissues , my daughter took Transavia last year ( Amsterdam to Mallorca ) and had no isssues . Transavia is just a low cost arm of KLM .

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I've flown with Aegean several times from Athens to other parts of Greece (mainland/islands) and have always been impressed by their customer-friendly service, promptness and safety.

One time I flew from Athens to Astypalea and there were only three other passengers on board for a total of 4. The flight attendant went through her safety talk as if the plane was over flowing and was just as informative and comforting as if the plane was filled.

While the planes from Athens to other parts of Greece are mostly prop driven they are safe, clean and comfortable and I have never been delayed or late for departure/arrival.

They are a great airlines and the airports in Greece are a breeze to navigate. Quick, prompt and very few issues with safety or delays.

Don't worry about Aegean Airlines!