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Aegean Airlines baggage

My family is traveling from Athens to Santorini on Aegean Airlines in a couple weeks, and we're struggling to find baggage policy information that seems complete. We found this site:
But does that mean that we are charged even for a small bag/personal item? What advice do you have for doing this the cheapest way with our bags? Also, can we not exceed 15kg on any of our bags without extra fees per kg?
Thank you!

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We have Aegean Athens to Santorini tickets in the fall. If you look carefully at that chart you linked, you will see that it depends on what you paid for your tickets.

I managed to catch a sale and got the flex fare which includes checking a bag for almost the same price as the GoLight fare plus the baggage fee.

I think you may be mixing up the within Greece rules with the international ones, as well as the €15 charge for prepaid bags and the weight limits.

First pay attention to the within Greece info only. Don't stray off into the complications of international flights.

I agree that it is unclear as to whether the first bag for GoLight can be 23kg, or as hinted at way at the bottom of the page, 20kg. In either case, that's a lot of weight, 50 or 44 pounds respectively. Surely none of your bags is that heavy!

If your tickets are flex ones, each ticketed passenger should be allowed to check one 23kg bag. If not and you haven't prepaid, according to the chart, you will have to pay €25 at the airport for each checked bag. See note (1) about prepaying.

See Hand Baggage -- Economy Class farther down the page. Basically it's 1 piece per passenger, 8kg and some size limits. No charges and very few exceptions for that.

I hope that helps.