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Aegean Air is having a seat sale

I foolishly booked my flights from Paris to Athens to Santorini for June this weekend only to receive a mysterious pop-up today announcing a sale of up to 40% on all of their flights within Europe. It's too late for me but hopefully travelers on this forum and my two grown kids who have yet to book their transatlantic flights will benefit from the sale, which ends on January 12th.

Does anyone know if Aegean offers sales like this often or do you think this January 12th sale is the only opportunity we'll have before the rates start going up?

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Aegean has regular seat sales. Normally they start in Nov or December but this year they are just starting to appear now. Just sign up on their web site and they will send notification for each sale.

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Yes, sign up to receive emails about sales and other events.

I believe the majority of "specials" are for international flights with Aegean.

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Tommy is right alas .... in the past there used to be "special promotions" early in the year for flights from Athens or Thessaloniki to various islands, but not lately. Now that Aegean is a Major Player in the European flight market, most promotions are from outside of Greece to/from destinations within. I'm also thinking this is due to the tremendous growth in tourism to Greece --- good for its economy, not as good for economical (budget) travelers, what with rising costs for transport & lodging.

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I've seen prices for Domestic Flights with Aegean to be quite high, especially to popular destinations. On the other hand some flights to smaller, out of the way islands tend to be far less expensive.

Yet, the time it takes for a ferry compared to a flight can be quite drastic. Most islands with airports and get you there in less than 1 hour, while ferries can take many hours, especially the more distant from the mainland islands.

So it depends on what is more important: saving money with a ferry or spending money on a more expensive flight but saving time to spend on the island.

You can check daily for prices which is the best thing to do as prices can change daily.

You can also check out Low Cost Greek Carriers Astra and Sky Express Airlines which tend to be less expensive but not quite as good as Aegean. Just make sure you know what you are getting for the ticket to ensure you don't end up spending extra for luggage and carry on bags.

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Thanks everyone. I've signed up with Aegean and am good to go now. This is our second trip to Greece in three years and I've found that it's quite an expensive trip transportation-wise from the West coast no matter how may configurations I've worked with. Our family members are flying from San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle and no matter which European city we fly into (Paris, London, Amsterdam, Dublin, etc) to make our way to Athens then Santorini in one day, it's running around $1800+ with surprising restrictions like Ryan Air flying to Greece only on certain days of the week. I've also learned that flights on Aegean are much more expensive, nearly double on Mondays so next trip I'll remember to begin our Greek vacation on a Tuesday. With five of us traveling together, these little expenses can really add up. Thank you again for all the tips to offset the learning curve.