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Advise to rent car in Amorgos

Hello everyone!
I would like to ask you please if it is necessary to rent a car in Amorgos in summer ? If so, for how many days is it recommended to have it?.
Could someone recommend me a car rental agency?
Since I will visit Astypalaia and given that the island is not very large, do you think it is sufficient to rent a car for just one day especially if it can be practical to return it at airport ?

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Renting a car always allows you to have freedom of movement on the island, especially if you want to visit Amorgos, this superb island.
Here are the August 2022 bus timetables on Amorgos :

They hardly change from one year to the next.

Note that in Amorgos there are two ports. Katapola and Aegiali.

Depending on which ferry you take you will arrive at one or the other. This is something to consider if you are not renting a car and have accommodation in Aegiali while your ferry arrives in Katapola (or vice versa)

I know a good car rental company that has an office in both ports: FM rent a Car

They are two brothers, very friendly, one in each port.

I don't know Astypalea but unless I'm mistaken, the Blue Star ferry Amorgos→Astypalea leaves from the port of Aegiali and it doesn't make the trip every day.

Some car rental companies don't like to rent for just one day, especially in summer. They prefer to keep the car for customers who rent for several days. Ask those in Astypalea.

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I was on Astypalea and Amorgos a number of years ago.

3 Days on Astypalea and I didn't rent a car and stayed mostly in and around Chora which is the main area of the island. Did a lot of walking/hiking nearby so decided on not renting a car. One day is probably not worth renting a car unless you want to see more of the island. Not sure of the bus service so can't help with that.

When I got to Amorgos for 7 days I rented a car as I do when I go to Greece as you'll have more options and freedom of where to go and when to go.

You don't have to rent for your entire stay but a few days would be worth the money as Amorgos is one of my top 3 favorite islands with lots of the island not having bus service or very limited at best.

I stayed in Katapola and rented from a small grocery store on the waterfront. Not sure of the name or if they still rent cars.

I would however not rent from Thomas Car Rental due to some "differences" on why I didn't rent from them.

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We stayed in Katapola, at the wonderful Porto Katapola hotel right on the harbor, for 4 nights. We rented a car for one day to see the island — arranged by Giannis at the hotel.

On the other days we took a bus or walked — saw Hozoviotissa Monastery & Chora.

Loved Amorgos & especially the Porto Katapola.

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I also stayed at Porto Katapola and was very happy with it. Right on the waterfront with nice balcony over looking beach and villages across the cove.

Giannis is a wonderful host, speaks perfect English and at the time offered my all the produce I could pick in his garden behind the accommodations.

He can probably give you good advice on who to rent a car from.

If you stay in Katapola there's a wonderful archeological site uphill from the village. Nothing spectacular but amazing to wander around in, beautiful views and at the time I was there a large herd of goats to keep you company as you climbed to the highest point of the site. I was all alone with the goats!

You can take a path from the village or drive to it. The walk is lovely and more enjoyable.