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Advice welcome for itinerary for 2 weeks in Greece with adult children!

Hello everyone! I would love your input-help-advice on what you think is the most relaxing way to tour Greece with adult kids. Looking at a 2 week window in mid May! (I know we need to get on this quick) Firs time to Greece for all of us. Group of 6, 2 parents, 4 adults boys ages 21-27 yrs. We are wanting to do some island hopping and wondering if chartering a private yacht is the best way to do this? (our budget is fairly generous) I'm not keen on long drives or many flights or long ferry rides with deadlines and wait times. Also love the idea of keeping the same bed for as many nights as possible without having to unpack every couple days. We are also not keen on large cruiselines so private charter is really our only consideration IF we choose to sail. We also love the idea of renting a villa or staying at a luxury hotel for several days in the mix. So torn and overwhelmed with knowing how to plan this holiday.
Looking at Steve's recommendations for itinerary so I have knowledge of his recommendations however private yacht/island hopping doesn't seem to be mentioned. Also wondering about motion sickness and how rough the waters are when island hopping.

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Just a question about chartering a yacht
Can you sail the boat yourself ? ICC (International Certificate of Competence) is required in Greece.

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We had a wonderful trip with this sailing outfit in Turkey. They do also Greece. In fact while we joined the group for what was their second week they had spent the first week in Greece. We were a couple on a shared boat but they do private boats too. Our boat slept 8 + 2 crew and it was plenty roomy. We fixed our own breakfast and lunch from supplies they made available on board (and local purchases at each days stop) and ate dinner at local restaurants when we docked. Not super luxe but more than comfortable for two 50-somethings. One of our best trips ever. We went the same time of year as you are (May). No one on our boat had any motion sickness issues.

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look at this link (among many others) to get an idea of the boats, catamaran, sailboats, and their prices

Please note the prices displayed do not include skipper cost, fuel, food services, cleaning, marinas and ports fees and miscellaneous costs.

These other specialists in private yacht charter with skipper in Greece are French, they do not have a French version of their website but you can look at the proposals for boat itineraries through the Cyclades that they offer and see the boats :

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If you want the Greek Island look that's on all the calendars & postcards, you want to be in the Cyclades (look at this map) -- the islands near Turkey are lovely, but not the ones in your mind's eye. You also do not want to charter something out of Athens' harbor of Pireaus... because it would take precious days of sailing just to reach the desired island group.

What you want is a crewed vessel that STARTS in the Cyclades... and I happen to know of one I advised a neighbor on, for a week in Mid-May 3 years ago. It worked out perfectly, they looved their skipper (a woman, terrific sailor/navigator), and they visited 3 isles plus the starting/ending isle (Paros)... and one of the party stayed on for an extra week at another island. Their week for a boat that slept 6 (altho they just were 2) ws €3500? + specified costs (food fuel etc ) are fully spelled out in the FAQ. Here's the link -- It was very professionally run & my friends, who are seasoned travelers, were totally pleased. May is THE best time to sail the Aegean, the seas are the calmest, anchorages not crowded, and warm enough to swim (except maybe for Southern sissies).

Do be aware that charter stops probably won't include Santorinii, because the anchorage for small private boats there is really tough, even risky, plus inconvenient. Santorini anyway is best visited by ferry after returning your charter to Paros. Incidentally, if you want a nice place for that post-sail week, I can recommend an idyllic experience -- ANTIPAROS ... and May is the ideal time to visit. It's enchanting, a cute tiny port, totally walkable, beautiful beaches not covered with huge sunbeds, nor ringed with bars... its little mainstreet is lit up and enchanting of an evening. Here's a photo album of its charms by RS contributor & ace photog Stanbr - And Paros is visible right across the water to visit on daytrips --like this one ... and even handy for your sons to go nightclubbing because the little ferry (15 mins) runs til very late.

On Antiparos I think the ideal place to stay may be THALASEA. It is not "Luxury", nor a "VIlla" with spas & uniformed staff (those places are not authentic Greece anyway). Instead it has lovely apartments with terraces, looking down a hill 50 yards to a pristine beach - -- when I was there in late May, only one or two dozen people shared it. I don't even know why I'm sharing this gem with you, because looking at your posting history, it seems as if the Hotel Danieli and the Savoy are more to your taste. I can only say that Greece is different ... and if posh is your pick, then I'll save my Thalasea recommend for those who'll love it. BTW, your sons probably would.

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Janet thank you for all of this amazing information ! I don’t even know where to begin but your advice and links and pictures and experience are incredibly helpful. -- ANTIPAROS looks exactly like one of the experiences we are dreaming of and the idea of the boys being able to take a quick ferry to night clubbing is icing on the cake.