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Advice on travelling to Greece in early December?

Hello, what can I do in Greece for 1 week?
I'm getting lost as I search. This will be my first trip to Greece. I will go to Athens and from there I will return home.

I will not be able to rent a car there. I will use public transport. Athens 2-3 days OK but after What can I do ?

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In Athens, the weather can still be bearable at this time of year, but the chances of it being cold and wet and feeling colder than it actually is are high. I would go further south, e.g. to the south coast of Crete or Rhodes. On smaller islands, the tourist infrastructure is already very reduced at this time of year

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I would stick to the mainland. Winds can be high in December and ferries delayed. You could fly to, for example, Crete but you then lose a lot of time travelling to airports and sitting in departure lounges.

One of the best options, and a favourite of many of us here, is Nafplio. It’s around two and a half hours by bus from Athens and buses are frequent throughout the day. The centre of the town is pedestrianised, it has a great walk round the headland and a massive Venetian castle. There’s a very good range of restaurants and bars.

A lot of good information here

Have a great trip. I really like Greece in December when everywhere is quieter.


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You can spend more than 2-3 days in Athens without a problem. But if you want to go somewhere else, I'm going to suggest Thessaloniki that is far too overlooked by people visiting Greece, and easy to reach by train from Athens.

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Thessaloniki is less than an hour from Athens by flight, and around €60 in December (around 10€ more expensive than the train)

At Thessaloniki airport there is a bus that takes you to the city center.

Athens to Thessaloniki trains are running by buses on the Lianokladi-Thessaloniki section, which is why the journey is longer than usual

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Thessaloniki takes 7 hours by train, I think. Is that tiring?

Normally around 3:30 when there isn't bus replacement. But that makes Thessaloniki a less appealing destination.

And I'm still curious why you're worried about spending more than 2-3 days in Athens.