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Adding on to RS Greece tour, suggestions

We are going to Greece with RS Sept 2024, we would like to add on an island or 2. I have I heard how beautiful Santorini is and would love to see it and possibly another island. Has anyone done this after a tour? Do we go to airport and then fly to the island? I thought about adding Viking cruise but dates don’t line up. Thank you for any suggestions or tour guides we could hire.

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For the best help, please give more SPECIFIC data. What date/time of day does your tour end in Athens? What is the date/ time of day of your homebound flight? When time is limited, exact info is vital... otherwise we waste our time and yours.

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We loved the Greece tour! We also went in September. After the tour we flew to Naxos for four nights, We then took the ferry from Naxos to Santorini for three nights, flying home from Santorini via Athens. We thought this was the perfect mix of locations.

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Rest assured, you are not wasting anyone's time by posting a question here. @Janet...a kinder, more gentler way to approach a new forum member is in order. There is no need to be so abrupt & demeaning. @tablescape2...Yes, Santorini is gorgeous and IMO should be on your list, but if you could provide a little more information as to your interests and what you will have previously visited on your tour, that would be very helpful.

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We have not made our plane reservations yet, the tour ends Oct 9th. 2024 so still have time but would appreciate ideas, thank you

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How many additional days do you have to do your post tour island visits?

The suggestions will be vastly different if you have only 3 days vs having 10 days.

In general, flying would be the usual choice to get from Athens to most islands.

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We could stay an extra week and wouldn’t mind staying in one place if we could do ferries easily to visit other islands.

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With a week available you have time to do 2 islands. Keep in mind you have to be back in Athens the night before your return flight. So that might suggest you have 6 nights on the islands.

If Santorini is a must see for you then I would suggest you fly directly there from Athens after your tour ends. The tourist season in Santorini pretty much goes to the end of October so be sure to book accommodations as soon as you can.

My wallet can only stand a 3 night stay, then we ferry to another island. Our choice is Naxos. Santorini and Naxos are a good pair. You get the amazing views in Santorini and a much more authentic Greek experience in Naxos. Naxos also has an airport so you can fly back to Athens the evening before your return flight home. The current ferry schedule can have you in Naxos in the early afternoon from Santorini.
If flights work out you can fly to Naxos first and finish in Santorini. Ferry connections are good however the Naxos to Santorini routes tend to be in the afternoon so a late afternoon arrival Santorini is the result.

Naxos has a lovely main town with a waterfront promenade, a 6th century artifact called the portera overlooking the harbour. The old town has a maze of back alleys leading to the Venetian era fortified Kastro. Naxos has great beaches, mountain villages to explore, hiking and a smattering of antiquities.
This late in the season means you probably should concentrate staying at St George beach.

St George beach is part of Naxos town so you get a beach vacation with all the activities of the town just a 10 minute stroll along the headland right into the waterfront promenade.

Here is Naxos
Around Naxos town 2022
Back to Naxos 2022
St George Beach

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Thank you so much! This gives me a feel for what we should do. We just want some down time to relax and enjoy the scenery. First time there and it all seems overwhelming with so many islands.

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We're taking the RS Greece tour this September and have 13 days between it and the Turkey tour we will be on. Maybe you could consider that option for 2024. After browsing many posts and photos, we decided on 5 nights in Naxos, 2 in Santorini, and 6 on Crete. I didn't know we could fly to Naxos vs. ferry so we might check out that option.