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Acropolis tour?

I bought the RS Athens guide book but wondering if tour guide is needed since I have read no other information is given there ? Woukd a tour be needed for the Acropolis museum too? Agora? I am Used to having audio headsets given out at these sites!


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I think you can do a self-guided tour of the Acropolis. There are tour companies that are good and will tell you what you are seeing but at a cost and you'll probably be in a large group of people.

I've never seen audio headsets at the Acropolis so they may not be available.

There are numerous guide books available for the Acropolis that will help you understand what you are seeing.

There is nothing wrong with taking a guided tour but if you do-it-yourself you can go at your own pace, stay longer at a certain spot and just wander around at your leisure.

It all depends on comfort level, convenience, budget and whether you want to be in a large group of people that may not move along as fast as you like.

Either way the Acropolis is a World Class Site and so is the museum.

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Thanks for the feedback! Just saw RS has and audio tour of Acropolis so I will download!

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The Acropolis Museum website says they sell a guidebook in English. They don't appear to have audioguides. The exhibit labeling is very good and all in English plus Greek. And the RS Athens City Guide (inexpensive and very portable) includes self-guided tours of both the museum and the Acropolis itself, plus other sites.

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Good to know! I should be okay with the RS Athens guide and audio guides:)