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I don't blame Greece. It was crowded when I was there in the late 90's and I can't imagine what the crowds are like now and what that does to the Acropolis.

It really makes me think - how far do we go to preserve these ancient relics? Unfortunately, there's no way to do what the French did with the Lascaux cave art and digitize it (at least, I don't think there is).

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Pretty much every major tourist site I've been in Europe that requires tickets has hourly time slots and visitor limits.

And most of them don't have slippery rocks that you can fall and crack your head on or go tumbling over a wall hundreds of feet to your doom :) It is a reasonable measure to take.

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So it's fair to say that we should purchase tickets before hand? I was going to wait till we are there. We will arrive on Sept 20th.

Thank you.

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@zpc -- I suggest you try a dummy booking on the Acropolis website (the official one if you can find it) for tomorrow, or the next day, or the soonest day a time slot is available. Some experimentation will help you figure out how far in advance you'll need to book.

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I noticed the combo tickets on tiqets .com are not time slotted. Would this site be ok?