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Acropolis confusion and questions

We are visiting Greece with a tour group. It made some family members feel safer and took care of ferries and flights and transfers so it was the only way to get everyone comfortable with our trip. Our tour includes a guided tour of the Acropolis but not the Parthenon, the Erechtheum, the Porch of Maidens and the Temple of Athena Nike. Does anyone have an idea of how you tour the Acropolis without seeing everything else? We have extra days in Athens and can tour it on our own but I can't visualize what the tour will actually be showing us.

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The Acropolis is the hill and the others you listed are on top of the Acropolis, near each other . A guide book will explain them all to you. You walk by them and will see them.

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Our tour includes a guided tour of the Acropolis but not the
Parthenon, the Erechtheum, the Porch of Maidens and the Temple of
Athena Nike.

All of these monuments are ON the Acropolis so I can't imagine any guided tour not covering them. Could you explain why you think your tour won't? Can you provide the itinerary for the Acropolis provided by your tour company?

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I share your confusion, but perhaps they mean you don't go "inside" the individual buildings (or what remains of them), but see from the outside in each case as you walk around the Acropolis? That's what we did anyway and it was enough. Perhaps there are some special tours where a guide can take you within the building precincts, though I'm not sure what more that would add to the visit given the place is pretty "al fresco" anyway.

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According to the tour guide we will be at the highest point and see everything from our spot so that pictures can be taken. We will hear about each structure but will not be walking around. The tour guide did say it was enough for most people. I think I may want to walk around and see everything else up close. Not sure. I guess it would be like for a tourist to NY deciding to see the Statue of Liberty or taking the ferry over and at least touring the base. :)

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You can't go in or walk on the monuments. You can only get as close as the ropes allow, which really is just fine. Walk around them as much as is allowed and read the information signs as well as your guidebook. Enjoy getting to see the amazing monuments and the views!

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Well, maybe you just take your tour and see how it goes? If you come away wanting more, then go back on one of your free days to look about (where allowed) on your own:

A browse through recent TA reviews and pix might be helpful as far as giving you an idea of how close you can get to the monuments?

You don't mention in any of your posts what time of year you will be traveling but if it's this summer, do heed the advance to visit as early as possible in the morning? It's been quite a number of years since I've been there but it was July and I remember the heat being brutal!

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As all have mentioned the buildings are part and parcel of the Acropolis. You cannot enter them as 1) many of them are still being reconstructed 2) they are extremely fragile and vulnerable. You will pass the temple of Athena Nike as you climb up and enter the site. The path takes you past the Parthenon and you get an excellent view of the Erectheum, which includes the Porch of the Maidens, from that area. Note that the famous statues at the Porch of the Maidens are no longer there. One is at the British Museum, the others are in the Acropolis Museum. Those you now see on the building are copies.

I hope you have the chance to visit the Acropolis Museum and see the Maidens up close. Note the subtle differences in each statue’s hair and robes. I love looking at them and visit them each time I am in Athens.