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A week in Napflio?

We are a family of 2 adults and two kids (11 and 13) doing a slow trip in Greece this summer.

What do folks on this forum think of staying a week in Napflio? We want a few days to soak in the ambience, wander around the town without much of a plan, hit the beach, enjoy the evenings etc. We also will have a car, so of course day trips to Epidaurus, Nemea, Mycenae. Maybe also a kayak excursion.

Any ideas welcome!

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We were in Nafplio with our tween/teens, and for us, a week would be too long. This was part of a month in Greece. We drove to Nafplio from the airport and spent three nights there. One day was spent going to Mycenae and Epidavros (neither takes a lot of time), one hiking Palmidi fortress in the morning and going to the beach in the afternoon (with two kids, while the third kid went rock-climbing). The afternoon of our arrival was sent wandering the town, which we then did more of every day. So two+ days and three nights was satisfying for us. We then went on to many other places in the Peloponnese and on to islands and ended in Athens. So we did a lot, and it depends on your travel style. But even if we'd spent more time, I would only have stayed another day or two, so 4-5 nights, not a week. I would make a list of all the things you really want to do and plot them over days and see how many you think you need. Lastly, buy water shoes. Most beaches are rocks that hurt a lot to walk on

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We were also in Nafplio with tweens a few years back. 4 nights and could have done more so I think a week is a fine plan. Without a car it might be too long, but if day trips to epidavoros, Mycenaea, other ruins, or even Corinth are on the table then it’s a good plan.

Also, there was a town less than an hour drive with a ferry to hydra, so some island time is an option. I think it was called ermioni but spelling varies? Anyway, we dropped our car there and went for a couple nights to Hydra, then to Athens from there. Buy there is so much in the area, you’ll have your pick of activities!

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I agree with Jessica. 4 or 5 nights is plenty for Napflio.

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I may be biased. We’ve probably been to Nafplio twenty times over the years, often for a couple of weeks. It’s a great place to wander and soak up ambience. As well as a beautiful town and a massive fort it has a brilliant walk round the headland and, as you say, easy access to a lot of sites. It also has a good range of restaurants. The crucial thing for me though is that it’s a working Greek town with its own life and rhythm: it isn’t just a tourist destination.

We go back, get an apartment, and slot into life there: walking, swimming, trips out and just generally wandering about. In the evenings we go to old favourite restaurants or try out new places and there’s plenty of choice.

I went a couple of times with my godson and one of his friends when they were in their early teens and they liked the fact the town square and main restaurant street were traffic free and so we could let them wander a bit once they’d wolfed down their food.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for then Nafplio is an excellent choice.


PS I realised I started by saying I was biased but I didn’t know I’d love it so much when we first went. So it’s not bias it’s experience :-)

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You could certainly fill a week there, but after those on your list, the day trips can start to get rather long. For example, Mystras was a highlight for me, but that’s a pretty long day trip, so if you have other destinations in the region, you could spread it out a bit. Please share the rest of your itinerary, as that may jog some suggestions.

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We spent 9 days in Nafplio and did day trips to a number of archeological/historic sites, a day in Tolo and a day cruise to Hydra/Spetses from Tolo.

We relied on the bus but next time would rent a car.

We walked all over the town and beyond, several museums in town, historic sites within walking distance, lots of shops, markets and tavernas.

Here's the best website for Nafplio and the entire region. More than enough things to do to keep you occupied for many days:

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Nafplio is a great base to explore the surrounding area. It is full of ancient sites. You can visit Argos, there are extensive Roman era ruins there plus a mountaintop fortress. I love fortresses where you can drive to the front gate. Ancient Tiryns is just 4km away. It has massive stone walls.
You can do a day trip to Corinth. While you have mentioned Ancient Nemia, just a bit closer to Corinth is Ancient Corinth from Biblical era. Right next door is Acrocorinth a massive fortress with 360 degree views over the countryside. The kids are going to love the fortress opportunities.
While the canal is an amazing stop if you walk to the west end of the pedestrian walkway view point you will find a path that goes along the west side of the canal. You will find a machine gun nest (not in use) an abandoned railroad bridge over the canal and just past that you will find a rocky hill where you can still see the scratches made when they had to drag boats across before the canal was built.

As mentioned it is a long day trip to Mistras. It is on a mountain and the city meanders down the mountainside. It was the last city of Byzantium and has many well preserved Cathedrals. It is certainty worth the time and effort to make the trip.

This will take you a week.

Corinth Area.

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I don't think a week would be too long for Nafplio if you take day trips and savor the city and surroundings. Besides some of the places others have mentioned, we took a daylong cruise from nearby Tolo to Hydra, Poros, and Spetses, very different small islands surrounding the Argos Peninsula. It was a long but enjoyable day.