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The issue of protecting a sizable number of refugees in Greece from COVID is a serious and very challenging one, and should not be left out of the storyline. Those people in very crowded, unsanitary conditions are at greatest risk. This is not to blame Greece, but to say let's not forget those people before calling it "mission accomplished". Greece had a refugee problem before COVID, and now the pandemic exacerbates their situation and makes them even more vulnerable.

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Such a good blog post. “This is not a country in which the Prime Minister could even dream of taking to the airwaves and giving up on the country’s elders without a fight”.

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And this is how that whole "lets open up the country to international tourism" thing is going: in the very early days, one of the very first flights to Greece delivers a dozen COVID-positive tourists to Athens:

The Guardian: Covid-19: Greece quarantines all passengers from Qatar flight
"All 91 travellers put in quarantine after 12 test positive, illustrating risk of welcoming back tourists"

Kudos for Greece for testing every passenger upon arrival, and for quarantining those who tested positive - an inconvenience, yeah, but not as inconvenient as going back to lockdown for another 100 days (never mind the inconvenience of all the deaths). Good luck to any place that does not follow such strict measures.

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I appreciate how the older generation is cherished. Where I live, I sense a "too bad sucker" attitude toward the vulnerable.

Second, I'd like to point out that France took the same draconian measures on the same timeline as Greece but had horrid outcomes. Therefore, other events figure in. France had a few super-spreader events before Corona causing the epidemic: a meeting of 2,000 evangelicals in eastern France who carried the virus undetected all over France and even to Guyanne. Also, the French ski resorts were virus spreaders. One other area was in Northern France, but I don't think the event has been found.

Today, Greece is testing upon arrival. The lesson was quickly learned. If the virus timeline had occurred in summer, I'm afraid Greece could have resembled France. Glad Greece got a break.