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A few logistical questions about Naxos and Paros

We will be in Naxos for 5 nights and Paros for 3 nights in early June, and I have just a few questions about logistics. Thanks for any advice!

  • We arrive in Naxos from Athens by ferry, and will pick up our rental car at the port before driving to our self-catering accommodations in Stelida (I know the pros and cons of this area but it is a good fit for our needs). Is there anywhere in Stelida to buy breakfast provisions such as coffee, milk, bread, fruit and so forth? Should we stop in Naxos Town, and if so, where would you recommend?

  • After a very early morning ferry from Athens, we're likely to be tired our first night in Naxos, and will probably want an early dinner somewhere. Do most local restaurants require reservations, or is there a good selection of walk-in places?

  • In Paros, we aren't planning to rent a car. For our first two days there we've arranged transfers from the port and to activities, but we have an open day to visit local beaches, villages such as Lefkes, or Naousa and Parikia. Will that be simple to do by taxi?

  • For both islands, it looks like the most popular beaches have sunbeds and umbrellas for hire. However, can you also just spread out a towel if you would rather?

Thanks again!

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Is there anywhere in Stelida to buy breakfast provisions

In stelida you will find a Koutelieris supermarket which is part of the European Spar group, it is located near the beach of Agios Prokopios, there are other Koutelieris on the island including 2 or 3 in the town of Naxos

There is also a large AB supermarket in Naxos town

Since you are self-catering, after numerous stays (probably more than 200 nights) spent in self-catering accommodation in Greece, what I recommend is:

Tip 1: Wait until you are in your accommodation before going to do some shopping. There are often basic ingredients left by previous guests or provided by the owner. It can be coffee, sugar, oil, butter, drinks, etc. There is no need to purchase thinks that are available in the accommodation .

Tip 2: There are now often espresso coffee machines that accept coffee capsules from specific brands.
If there is one, there should be a few capsules left. Look carefully at the model so that you can buy the same model in the supermarket

Tip 3: For bread, prefer bakeries to supermarkets.

Tip 4: When we go to the islands, we take a large supermarket bag with us. It takes up little space in your luggage and is always very useful.

Do most local restaurants require reservations

In more than 30 years of staying in the Greek islands in May, June, September or October (never in July/August) we have only reserved a restaurant for dinner once, and it happened to be on Naxos. Not in Naxos Town. It was at "Apolafsi"

That being said, if you go to the 3 or 4 restaurants in Naxos Town most recommended on Trip Advisor there is a good chance that you will meet dozens of other tourists who thought they had the same good idea as you, probably by herd instinct. :))
One of the benefits of having a car is that you can avoid this kind of situation.

In Paros we do not plan to rent a car.

Big mistake!
You can also go to Lefkes and Naoussa and many other places very easily by bus. The bus network is excellent in Paros. All buses depart from Parikia. However you will always be dependent on lines and timetables.
No, it won't necessarily be easy to find a taxi, and taking 4 taxis a day will cost you more than a small rental car.

However, can you also just spread out a towel if you would rather?

Of course!

Especially since last year there has been a movement to free the beaches from these horrible rows of sunbeds and umbrellas. This movement began in Paros and Naxos where some beaches was almost no longer accessible because they are invaded by these sunbeds, often installed illegally.

The "Save the beaches" movement in Paros:

Following these protests the Greek government has finally decided to act more firmly and has published new laws this year which should restrict the spaces occupied by sunbeds and help return the beaches to everyone.

So bring your towels and don't forget that the shade of the Tamaris trees is free

Regarding the beaches and many other things to do and see in Naxos I made this map:

And for Paros:

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Thank you for the info! We'll reconsider renting a car in Paros, in that case.