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6 Days in Greece

My husband and I are traveling to Europe for the first time in September. One week in Greece then one week in Italy. We have been told that this is too short for two countries but we really want to make it work as we don't know when we will get back. We plan to fly into Athens, spend a day and maybe one night then go to an Island. Santorini is what has been recommended to us. We love to be outside, hiking, snorkeling, hanging out at the beach etc. Based on that would Santorini be the best option? Any suggestions on where to stay? Any advice on flying to Italy after? Thanks!

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Well a week each in two countries is a very short time but it is doable if you want to make it work. If it were me I would just do one country but here is haow I wold do your plan.
Fly in to Athens and find a hotel in teh center near teh acropolis. Try to get a hotle with Acropolois view and you will be sure you are in the right area, You want to be ih walking distance to teh acropolis which is the area of Plaka and Monestraki.

Athens requires at least two days probably three.

Next day find a flight to Santorini. Aegean sometimes has seat sales so sign up for their web site and see if you can get a deal. Don't be tempted to take a ferry it is a long trip and will probably cost pretty much the same as flying.

For Santorini you will want to get a caldera view hotel. This will be pricey but it is certainly why first time visitors go to Santorini for that view. Make sure the hotel is advertizing Caldera View. Ocean view isn't necessarily Caldera view.
I would stay in Firostafani which is part of Fira town but just far enough away that the cruise ship crowds likley won't be disturbing,
Oia is a lovely village at the tip of the island. We stayed just outside and enjoyed Oia until about 30 tour buses arrived at the same time and turned it into a crowd.

For both Athens and Santorini we use a booking site called booking dot com. You put in your town and dates and it will give you hotels with availability and prices and best of all reviews so you know what you are getting.

I checked Vueling web site for a random date in September and found flights that fly direct Santorini to Rome. There are direct flights for around 120euros. That would be your best bet to hop to Rome.

Rome has so much to offer that you should just find a centrally located hotel and spend the week there.

Rome 2013
Return to Rome 2015

Have fun. We will expect to see you back in Greece again.

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Whitney, you are SOOOO lucky that Stanbr has decided to share his wisdom on this Forum in addition to the 2 others he graces. He is not only wise but kind, AND sensible. He & I both agree that your trip is too short for the 2 countries, but he truly has given you the one scenario that will make it work. Please follow it verbatim and you'll do well ... tinker with it at your risk. And yes, we expect to see you back in Greece soon!

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I would offer this suggestion. Spend two days in Athens as planned but then devote only three days to getting to and seeing Santorini. Then take the other nine days and see Rome and Floence. Santorini is special but two days there is enough to get the flavor and I would not omit Florence for more days on the Island. Going to Italy without seeing the David would be a shame. Happy travels.
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I like John's idea about 2 nights in Athens, 3 nights Santorini. But instead of Rome and Florence, I would suggest Rome and Venice, and then fly home from Venice. Seeing both Santorini and Venice on your first trip would be amazing.